How to Conclude a Report

Writing a report is an important task as it has a huge impact on readers. It is one of the powerful means of communication. With the help of reports, you can share certain ideas and influence your readers. A poor report with misspelled words and bad vocabulary can create a negative impact on the reader. Conclusion of your report must show its importance, significance of findings and should be able to justify the main part of your report. Your conclusion paragraph should bring all the main concepts and ideas together and form one simple conclusion, which the reader can easily understand. Don’t try to give any new information on your report as it can disinterest your reader. Your conclusion should be clear and easy to read and understand.

Following tips will help you write an effective conclusion for your report:-

  • For your findings, you can use past tense. If these findings are true, you can use present tense or present perfect tense.
  • Make your concluding brief, concise and easy to read. Keep it simple and precise.
  • Try to mention things such as:-

E.g. If you are writing a conclusion for research report, try to answer questions such as :-

What did you achieve from your research?

How have the findings and research helped you change your perception about the topic ?

Have you learnt any personal lessons While researching? Etc.

  • While writing the conclusion return to the theme of introduction.

E.g. If you have mentioned your objective in the introduction paragraph, mention how you finally proved it by giving references. This will help you to complete the circle.

  • If you want to recommend something to your readers, avoid mentioning it in your conclusion paragraph. Prepare a separate section called as recommendations.
  • If you are trying to use humor in your conclusion part, use it effectively. If it is not relevant then using it is a completely flop idea.
  • Keep it in your mind that the conclusion should answer all the doubts of the audience and should lead them clearly to your objective.
  • If any point in your research is contradictory, try to justify it in your concluding part by giving the reference.

In short, your conclusion is the second part of introduction. So if your introduction is appealing then only your conclusion part can be effective.

The above information will help you to conclude your research in an impressive manner.

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