How to Conclude a Research Paper

Researching is an act of citing, gathering and discussing sources, documenting them and communicating them clearly. It includes investigation and collection of ideas from different sources. How to conclude a research paper has become an important part of academic activity.

The research paper can de divided into:-

  • Introduction
  • Main part of research
  • Conclusion


It is very important to give a proper introduction to your research paper. Always remember, while writing an introduction one should stick to their topic. It should be strictly relevant to your topic only. It acts as a summary of your topic and guides the reader to your research. It should include:-

  • Abstract of your research
  • Reason for choosing the topic
  • Importance of the topic
  • Various aspects that you have chosen
  • Reason for choosing those aspects

Finally, after reading your introduction, the reader should feel curious to read it.

Main Part of research:-

  • Firstly, take your notecards and pictures; and arrange them in a proper sequence
  • Write information about your subtopics
  • Mention all the data, facts and figures associated to your topic. Be as precise as possible
  • Avoid placing the subheadings at the bottom pages.
  • While presenting the point, present them in a logical order
  • While referring to your results, use past tense


Conclusion is said to be the most valuable and difficult part of your research. Conclusion lets the reader understand, what result you have come across after doing this research. It’s the most challenging part of paper writing process.

Plan to write an effective Conclusion for research paper

  • Revise all the important aspects you have come across while doing that research.
  • Remember not to mention any new point or aspect in your conclusion.
  • Conclusion should be the brief information about your idea or understanding of the research.
  • Give references to the points, which you have mentioned in the main body.
  • Try to explain the reader, importance of your research paper.
  • Conclusion should be an overview of all the important points studied, while doing the research.
  • Conclusion should make the reader feel glad about your research. It should be like a new learning chapter to them.
  • If you are not able to write the conclusion properly, return to the introduction and put all the points together with examples of how you have proven all those points. Put all this in a systematic order.
  • While writing the conclusion give the reader a sense that it’s done. Use an interesting metaphor on why your research is an important matter.
  • The final point of your conclusion should be strong, confident and to the point. After reading it, the reader should walk away feeling convinced and educated.

It often happens that, after writing the introduction and main paragraph you get frustrated and simply try to rush through the conclusion. So, these tips on how to conclude a research paper will guide you throughout your research paper and will help you to end it with an excellent conclusion.

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