How to Conclude a Speech

Conclusion plays a vital role as a part of your speech. It helps the audiences to remember the speaker and the message he wants to give through his speech. Conclusion should be strong and it should review all the main points of your topic. While concluding a speech, one should not put any new information in it as it can divert the listener’s mind from the main points. One should always remember that the closing moment is the most influential factor that helps you to persuade your listeners.

The following few points on how to conclude a speech will help you build a strong conclusion for your speech:-

  • Summarize the main points that you have detailed in the main body of your speech. This will help the listener to focus on the main points you are trying to make through your speech
  • Always remember to add up a human interest story or a personal experience anecdote. This will make your conclusion more interesting.
  • Transform all your main points and principles into a one-liner which will interest the listeners and also help them remember your motto.
  • Always make your inclusion in such a way that it possesses an emotional appeal.
  • Don’t take time to conclude your speech. Finishing the speech five minutes earlier is better than delaying it.
  • Try to conclude your speech with a Question – Answers session. This session will help the listeners to get their doubts cleared.
  • Use of quotations, sayings and stories will help you to inspire the listeners.
  • Try to make your conclusion as interesting as an ending of a fairy tale.
  • Take your own time to conclude the speech. Concluding it in a hurry will take away the effect you want to leave on your listeners.
  • After preparing your conclusion, practice to memorize it properly. This will boost your confidence and will help you to conclude it smoothly. It will also make you sound more convincing.

This information on how to conclude your speech will help you to surprise your audience and thus create an impression on them.

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