How to Contact your Representative

In many situations, you have a representative who speaks on behalf of you. In school, college, office, community groups, etc. there are representatives who speak on behalf of you. If you also are a part of such group, you will definitely need to contact your representative. Here are some simple instructions to tell you ‘how to contact your representative?’

A representative can be a class representative, a legal representative, a house representative, etc. In case of class representative you can directly talk to the person, as you are classmates, but in other cases, you have to follow a procedure and have a professional approach. Even if it is a legal representative, you can call him or her directly, but you have to keep some points in mind while you talk to your legal rep.

Considering the same example, here are some tips and instructions as to how to contact your representative:

Example: Legal Representative:

Urgency of the Situation:

You have to first determine whether you have to contact your representative urgently. For example, you are in to a legal trouble or arrested, you are charged with DUI or facing any sort of interrogation, you will definitely need your legal representative, and you will have to contact him/her immediately. This is necessary because you should take his/her advise before speaking up anything in front of the officials.

Contact your Representative:

You need to stay calm and call your representative. It is difficult to stay calm in such a situation; however, a breathing exercise can help you calm down. Calm down and call him/her. Of course here you cannot think of the right time to call up, you have to call him or her at any cost.


Provide all information to your legal representative. He/she is the only one who can help you out. Collect all the information you have and share it with your rep. If you pay your representative in terms of hours/time, you should collect all information because you definitely cannot afford to waste time jumbling up while talking to him/her. After all, money matters.

Honest and Transparency:

Your legal rep will represent you. You have to be honest and transparent in whatever information you provide. Pseudo information or partial information will land you in trouble. It will affect your case, and your representative may also get offended for not having provided correct information.

Listen To your Representative:

Listen to what your legal representative tells you. When you are in trouble, only your legal rep can find a way out for you. Listen to his/her advice. For example, if your legal rep tells you not to discuss anything about the case with anyone else besides him/her, then do obey him. Your legal rep knows more about the situation, so just listen to what he/she says.

Other Situations:

  1. In other situations, where it is not an emergency, contact your representative with prior appointment if necessary. You can call up your representative to fix an appointment or send an email. While calling up in case of non-emergency, it is advisable to call during the working hours only. Calling up at 2.00 am in the night is not the right way.
  2. In case of class representative or college representative you do not need any appointments. You can talk to him or her at any time in school or college.
  3. Contacting your House of Representative becomes a bit difficult sometimes. In this case, you have to definitely fix an appointment via phone call, email, or by addressing a letter to the representative.

In this way, you can contact your representative. In any situation where you cannot speak directly for yourself or you have a doubt, feel free to talk to your representative.

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