How to Control Bad Temper

The focus behind learning how to control bad temper is to empower you with knowledge as to why anger occurs in the first place. It is very important that you know about controlling bad temper, if you wish to lead a balanced lifestyle. If you have a positive and an easy attitude towards your differences and interpretations, then it will help you to channelize your anger out the exhaust. Speaking of the society, every individual’s desire is to live a happily, without getting bothered by mediocre distractions. But what do we do? We compare, we expect, we differ in opinions, and we reject opinions by others which are against our perspectives. Remember, whatever we communicate, whatever we interpret, and whatever we conclude, it’s just point of view. As Bill Hicks says, life is just a ride, and we are the facilitators of our own creative evolution. There’s no one out there who’s making us do regretful things, it’s us. We lack precision in our judgments. It’s we who are mistaken.

The ability to control anger and stay balanced defines an individual as an adult. Living in this world, we have to face many things; some good and some bad. Things are often bound to seem bad or unfair, but we need to keep ourselves at guard from any misinterpretations that we’re bound to encounter. While reacting to anyone else’s differences would be foolish, what happens most of the time is that we tend to reject individuality, and expect people to behave the same way as we do. Tell me brethren, do we expect to see a few billion people walking the planet, who think, talk, and behave just like us? Isn’t that a little too much to ask for, and that with the essence of life being individuality and uniqueness. Differences are inherited, unity among us is inherent. We cannot expect to control or hold possession over what we see and feel. Most of us are not even capable of being disciplined. By discipline, I’m referring to holding onto moral values and being human. When this is the current state of fading humanity, how can we expect others to change, when we are so reluctant to change ourselves? An evident contradiction here helps us realize that we’re all being hypocrites.

Steps to control bad temper

    How to Control Bad Temper

Always remember that the reward for your patience will be happiness. There are infinite possibilities to deal with things, and that is the truth. Reality cannot be reduced to a definition. If you think you’ve managed to do so, then you’ve just given rise to an elemented illusion for yourself. Unless you have the right attitude, you’ll be circling within the same cycle, unable to figure out where you’d started. So, be patient till you find out a way. Endure, and you’ll be rewarded with satisfaction and confidence.

    Go away from the situation where you think that your anger might get worse for you. For instance, if someone is teasing you, prefer to ignore them over confronting them; it’s better if you choose to walk away from the spaces that makes you feel contracted. Practice this a few times until that person gets the hint that you have a limit for your tolerance, and in the meanwhile, you’ll find that your saturation point has just been extended by a few non-measurable units. It is always right to use words or body language to tell people that you will not accept the way they are treating you. However, do this only if you’re confident that you can lead a communication to a dying end. I mean to say that you need to bring the subject to a conclusion. Your intention here should be to correct the situation, and not the other person, for the simple reason that you can’t possibly force anyone to do or think the way you want them to. That is delusion. Be calm, we’re humans, and we can transcend the materialistic tendencies that we’ve brought down upon us. Non-injury to others should be our primordial principle of life, accompanied by carrying a true disposition.

    Realize that no one likes to be around someone who is short tempered and acts in an abusive manner. There is only one way to change this situation and you will have to start with yourself. If you’re unhappy with the environment being hostile, then call yourself as the change in the environment that you wish to see. Endure, you are not losing out on anything. Not your self-respect, not your dignity, not your principles, not your point of view, and definitely not your identity.

    You must always be considerate of others and yourself as well. Remember that the way you think and react will always affect the people around you. If you wish to rebuke someone for doing something wrong, you have various means to do so calmly, and in a private place. This will also teach compassion and respect to the person in concern. Remember, people are not the problem, the way they think is the problem, where “they” includes us too. So, there’s no point in confronting people, we need to confront their imagination or perspective. And the means that we generally utilize, only us nowhere near a resolution.

    If you are standing when angry, then sit down or lie down to calm yourself. Keep in mind that five minutes will stand between you and logic, count till five and remember that logic will ultimately beat anger. Stop talking to people around you for five minutes or whoever has made you angry. Take five to seven deep breaths or until you are completely cooled down. Do this, don’t just think about it. Do it. You need to take responsibility of what you think and how you react. That’s the prime characteristic of a sane man.

    Think about all the good things that the person has done for you so far. What are the bad things you have done for them? There are chances, that you would have done something for making them resentful towards you. Always make sure that you have got a clear conscience, and then you can go and speak to them. We spend the day with our friends, and when differences seem to take over our opinions, we tend to see them as enemies, at least for that moment. It’s very important to realize that our life depends on our friends and family. You may not agree to this but it’s fact.

    Counting from one to ten in ascending and descending order will make you feel much calmer. Saying hurtful things can be dangerous and risky and it can hurt the close ones. And it’ll come back to you in the form of guilt, or regret, or bad karma. Therefore, try to keep yourself calm if you notice that you are getting angry.

      More tips to control anger:

      • Whenever you feel that you are about to blow-up, start counting from zero to ten and then think about how you are going to act. This is one of the doctor-recommended steps and it will surely help you.
      • When you get angry and your heart starts beating fast, you get uneasy and want to express how you are feeling about this. Take deep breaths, stay calm and close your eyes for a while. In this way you will notice that the situation is under control and slowly you will takeover your anger.
      • Never rely on your impulses or instincts to guide you through a situation. Go by your conscience and intentions. At times when you get angry, ask yourself this question – “after three weeks will these things matter to me?”
      • It may seem tough in the beginning, but you will get it as long as you put up with this. No one can wake up one morning as a changed person, and you cannot learn a new skill within a day.

      Learning how to control bad temper is a skill, and mastering the practice is definitely an achievement and a motivation for yourself to stay balanced.

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