How to Control Blushing

Blushing is a very natural thing, and constitutes the expression of embarrassment, modesty, or shame. It depends upon the psychological and emotional conditions, and is often noticed among women. However, if there is excessive blushing then it can affect all the various aspects of your life in a negative way. When we blush our skin turns into bright red color, as the blood vessels of the face enlarge. If you tend to blush excessively then it can lead to a condition known as Erythrophobia, or the fear of blushing, which may restrict and incapacitate the social life of an individual. There are various ways to control blushing; you will just have to find one, which will work for you.

If you don’t know, blushing is termed as one of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder. Where the reasons for blushing may differ among individuals, some might be spotted blushing for no reason. At times you may feel really very uncomfortable and find helpless to prevent blushing. Some people blush due to shame, embarrassment, but there can be a lovely reason for blushing. It is generally observed that people who are in love blush a lot when something associated to their loved ones is discussed. Blushing is good if it is for some time, because it makes your face glow. But in some cases, the redness of the skin due to blushing can persist for a longer time, which might then become problematic.

Following are a few tips provided to guide you in dealing with blushing:

  • The first thing you will have to do is relax. Always keep in mind that, tension will increase your blushing. The moment you feel that you are starting to blush you will have to instantly relax your muscles. You can never gain complete control once you start blushing, but you can surely prevent your face from going cherry tomato. You can practice it by blushing in front of a mirror and then relax your shoulders. This will allow you to see that you can handle such situations in real life as well.
  • The ideal way to prevent blushing is by diverting your attention towards something else. Take a deep breath whenever you start or feel like blushing, this will prevent the condition from getting worse.
  • How to Control Blushing

  • Learn to accept it. If you are speaking to someone and it happens, then just say it and move on. This will avoid extension of the short story. People will notice that you are very comfortable despite the fact that you have been blushing, and they will not tease you. This is based on simple psychological defense mechanism.
  • Meditation is a great method that will help you control your emotions and keep you relaxed and balanced
  • Never feel embarrassed. The more you will try to hide your blushing and are conscious of it, the more the feeling will keep coming back to you. When you are dancing, talking, or doing anything else, allow yourself to go with the flow. Confirm to yourself by saying things like, “Well I am blushing right now. No big deal”, “this is not a big deal”, or “I am OK, I am still amazing.” Always remember that self-acceptance will go a long way. The words that you keep saying in your mind will eventually become true. If you try and bite your inner cheeks or your tongue, just to get distracted, then this might in turn become another habit, which you’ll later be longing to overcome.
  • If you tend to blush during a particular activity, like public speaking, then try some visualizing activities before you go to bed. Imagine all those situations where you tend to blush. Try to think what other people think about you, imagine they see things, which is making you feel embarrassed. Think why it makes you feel embarrassed. How embarrassing is it? The more often you do this activity, the more you will get comfortable with yourself and with others around you. And remember, embarrassment is merely a hallucination.
  • To avoid blush burn, you may need to apply a thin film of oil-free moisturizer on your face, or the make-up is likely to make your skin dry.

More tips to control blushing:

  • In the worst situations, you can quickly run to a bathroom and place a damp cloth on your face. Standing beneath an air conditioner will do this trick as well.
  • Socialize more. The more comfortable you get around people, the less you will tend to blush. Remember that interacting with humans will make your life more fulfilling; it will make you confident and an interesting person. So, stay away from isolation.
  • Try using a foundation, which matches with your skin tone, it will work like the perfect charm
  • If you often blush, every time you are in the same room as your crush, or when you are talking to him or her, then you will become even redder. If you do not avoid this situation, then this blushing can be even worse. The only thing that will work in this situation is allowing yourself to calm down by taking a few deep breaths. An easier way out is to simply accept it, and say to the other person upfront that whatever they said, made you blush. Keep doing this, and you will stop blushing eventually. This is the best remedy for blushing.
  • Some people may have to go through surgery to prevent the problem of blushing. ETS (Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy) is a surgery that is used to prevent blushing. However, it is always better that you try to control blushing yourself when the conditions are not worse. Surgical method to prevent blushing can cause some major side effects, so it should be avoided as far as possible.

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