How to Control Hair Loss

HairfallIt can be very disheartening to know that you have been losing your hair. You may notice free strands coming out after you comb or wash your hair. And soon, you are likely to encounter that day, when you will realize that your hair is not as thick as before, and you will dread witnessing these patches of thinning hair. A good amount of our hair sheds everyday. If there is a natural balance between the hair fall and the growth of hair in that place then it is not an issue of prime concern. However, if your hair is shedding like leaves in autumn, then you should think about the ways to control hair loss. Teenagers commonly face the problem of hair loss due to hormonal changes that happen prior to adulthood. If we fail to take proper care of hair at this age this may cause serious hair loss. In old age, hair loss may commonly lead to baldness. Where in many cases, this is hereditary, you cannot possibly diagnose the condition until you actually start losing hair. Therefore, you must know how to control hair loss before it’s too late.

Hair loss can be caused due to chronic illness, prescribed medicines, low blood circulation, lack of vital nutrients and hormonal imbalance. Some of the common reasons of hair loss are irregular sleeping patterns, stress, incorrect choice of hair care products, lack of balanced diet, etc. You can prevent hair loss by taking proper care of your hair before baldness strikes your hair.

Given below are some simple steps for controlling hairfall:

  • High levels of stress is one of the most common reasons for hair fall. You must try to keep your life stress free, for it is merely a mal-projected image or an incomplete interpretation of a critical situation. Stress is not the conclusion, it’s just a phase.
  • Start going for regular aerobic exercise, which can help you in setting the correct hormonal balance, it will naturally decrease the androgens, which are a contributing factor in hair loss. Aerobics helps in reliving stress, preventing hair loss, and ensures a healthy physical condition.
  • Move on to a better diet, some of the herbs and vitamins can help you in stimulating the hair growth. These vitamins and herbs increase the blood flow in the scalp by blocking DHT, a hormone which inexplicably causes the follicles to miniaturize, leading to hair fall or growth of rough hair in the place of normal hair. Always remember that proper diet and food will definitely help in controlling hair loss.
  • Try scalp massage, it helps in stimulating follicles for hair growth. There are laser comb devices that give similar results. However, while buying this comb make sure that you get the FDA approved one, because others won’t work most of the times.
  • Try champissage, which is an old traditional Indian way of scalp massage with certain oils for producing hair, promote new growth and relieve stress. The oils that will help in stimulating hair growth are coconut, almond and jojoba. You must massage these oils on your scalp, using your forefingers and thumbs for rotating and lifting the scalp. This will increase the blood flow, and doing it for 15 minutes everyday will earn you healthy hair.
  • If you are suffering from hair fall due to dandruff, then use lavender, cedarwood, thyme or rosemary oils on your hair. Add three drops of these oils in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and apply on the affected areas of your scalp.
  • You must continuously massage your hair for getting rid of the flakiness or dryness. Hair conditioners help you in softening your hair and nourish the scalp, which will create a healthy environment for the hair growth. Try using a hydrating conditioner after you shampoo your hair. And, don’t shampoo your hair everyday.
  • Egg is a very effective natural conditioner. Mix raw eggs with curd and apply it onto your hair. Apply this mixture prior to washing your hair. This application should be left on your hair for 20 to 25 minutes. Wash your hair using a good quality, mild shampoo. This will help you strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall.
  • Combing your hair when wet is also the reason why most people have hair fall. Till the hair is completely dry it should not be combed. Wet hair is usually weak and breaks easily. Also, remember to use a wide-toothed comb for your daily hair care routine. They are highly efficient for using on dry or wet hair, and will cause least breakage of fragile hair, as well as is very gentle on the scalp.

Now, let’s know the causes of hair fall:

  • The most observed reason for hair fall is dandruff; they both go hand in handhair loss
  • Reasons for dandruff may be due to physical and emotional stress, and hormonal imbalances
  • Hair fall due to hormonal imbalances is usually caused during pregnancy and menopause, and is often found in teenagers
  • Prolonged exposure to harmful factors such as dust or pollution can also lead to hair fall
  • In some cases, certain medications are likely to trigger hair fall
  • Bacterial, fungal, infection of the scalp, and viral infection can also cause hair fall, which is in turn difficult hard to control

Some hair loss problems are hereditary and cannot be controlled by these preventive measures. But, modern science has found out solutions for this also. Various treatments are carried out by the dermatologists to promote hair growth. If you are taking some medicines which is causing hair fall then immediately contact your doctor and get your medicines changed. Taking steam regularly at home will also help in cleaning the hair properly. Practicing yoga and exercises on a daily basis is also very helpful for reducing hair loss problems. It promotes proper blood circulation through the body and brain which is very essential for healthy hair, fights off almost all kinds of hair problems.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Avoid excess exposure of hair to sunlight and dust. The UV rays in the sunlight sometimes cause irreparable damage to your hair. If dust particles settle down on the scalp, it may loosen up your hair follicles and cause serious hair loss problems.
  • These dust particles cause dandruff and itching of the scalp. Washing your hair regularly will help you in cleaning the hair and scalp and thus removing dust and dirt from the surface of your hair.
  • It is necessary that you take at least 6 to 7 hours sleep daily for healthy hair and a sound body
  • Avoid use of hair dryers and heaters, which are likely to cause hair fall, making it lose its luster
  • It will take up to eight weeks for the essential oils to show their result, so be patient, and do not draw conclusions if you don’t see immediate results
  • If you continue to get dandruff, then seek help from a dermatologist. You will need professional help for curing the persistent problem. Remember, if your head itches, you must not scratch your head with fingernails. This will damage your scalp even more and will increase the hair fall.
  • Use a combination of all these methods to get results for controlling your hair loss, but remember that it will not help in completely stopping or reversing the process
  • Avoid tight hair styles and braids because this can cause hair loss too; adopt hair styles that are easy and do not tie tight ponytails
  • Permanent hair colors and perms are most damaging to your hair, so avoid using them frequently. Do not color your hair more than once within a period of six to eight weeks.
  • Products containing organic ingredients and herbs are advised by most of the doctors, as they contain cause less damage to your hair, when compared to other chemical-based products.
  • Be careful while choosing hair care products because they may sometimes directly affect your hair growth. Most of these hair care products are harsh on your hair, and can affect its shine, subsequently causing hairfall. If any such products are causing excessive hair loss then consult a dermatologist immediately, and change your hair care product.
  • If the hair fall problem still continues then you can think of going for surgical or non-surgical replacements

Diet-planning tips to prevent hair loss:

  • The follicles of hair are made up of proteins; so, including protein rich foods in your diet such as eggs, sprouts, sea food, milk and tofu will be very helpful to make your hair follicles strong enough
  • Include curry leaves in your diet. Curry leaves also help you strengthen your hair
  • Deficiency of nutrients may also cause damage to your hair, take a balanced healthy diet which is rich in proteins, calcium, and vitamins such as C and D and minerals. Indian gooseberry is one such fruit that contains large amount of vitamin C.
  • Sometimes excess amount of vitamins such as vitamin A and E also cause hair loss; so, do administer your vitamin intakes

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