How to control Smoking

Quitting or controlling smoking is a legendary crisis among smokers of all ages. If you have decided to quit smoking then you need to have a strong will, as well as sustain that state of mind, which will eventually help you get out of the habit. Studies conclude that 5 out of 6 people in the nation are found to be addicted to smoking. Smoking causes serious damage to physical and mental health, and needs to be controlled.

How to control smoking:Stop smoking

  • The first thing you need to do is to think about quitting smoking. It is not possible that you will be able to completely quit smoking if you are trying it for the first time, so you need to have patience
  • It is often observed that people need at least two to three attempts before they can completely quit smoking, so you need to work on ignoring the desire to smoke, whenever you get the urge or the impulse to suck some smoke in
  • If you have planned to quit smoking then you need support from your family, colleagues and friends. There are counselors who will help you in your plan; however, you don’t necessarily need their advise in order to establish control on your smoking habits

Find alternative sources to reduce stress:

  • The most common reason that urges people to smoke is stress, and many others smoke for no particular reason
  • Teens are the most common victims of smoking because of lack of knowledge and weak will
  • Yoga, meditation and exercises are the best ways to reduce stress, and help increase your will power. You should also participate in social activities and plan for picnics with your family and friends, and stay connected with non-smokers as far as possible

Know the hazards of smoking:

  • If you have not yet planned to quit smoking then knowing its health hazards might be a source of motivation for you
  • Smoking affects almost all the parts of your body, where the diseases caused due to smoking are very dangerous and can be fatal
  • Some of the common diseases that are caused because of smoking are cancer, thyroid problems, various heart diseases, gum diseases, infertility, and has many harmful effects on the joints and bones

Preventive medications:

  • There are many products that are meant to quit smoking. Some people may find it very difficult to quit smoking because the nicotine present within tobacco makes the person highly addictive to the practice
  • The nicotine carvings formed on the body can be reduced using nicotine patches, lozenges, inhalers and gums. Choose sugarless gums as they will also help you in maintaining your sugar levels
  • Some medicines such as Wellbutrin and Chantix should be used only if prescribed by the doctor
  • You may also try smoking herbal cigarettes that are available at pharmacies

Take help of natural herbs:

  • There are many natural herbs that are found to be helpful in preventing smoking. These natural herbs have fewer side effects as compared to the medicines
  • Some of the natural herbs that are largely used in preventing smoking are Avena sativa, Lobelia, Ginseng and Gotu cola
  • These herbs are very helpful in preventing smoking and are also helpful against the after effects of smoking

Laser therapy to quit smoking:

Yes, it is possible to quit smoking using a low-level laser therapy, where endorphins are released in the body. Endorphins are natural chemicals that are readily present in the body, and are very essential to reduce stress and increase blood circulation. This technique is similar to the acupuncture technique that uses a beam of laser similar to the light bulb that is directed on certain energy points. These points can be on face, ears and wrist. These points are responsible for smoking addiction. Using laser therapy to control smoking is safe, as it is totally an external treatment procedure and does not involve the use of any drugs.

Avoid the triggers:

  • Triggers, in case of smoking, can be certain places such as night clubs, bingo halls and restaurants, or some places where people go for smoking when they take breaks from work. Avoid going to such places with your friends and colleagues
  • Try to spend less time with people who are smokers. You’re bound to get the urge to join them for a smoke. Innhaling second hand smoke also increase your temptation to smoke

Take addiction seriously:Quit smoking

It is necessary that you think seriously about the health risks of smoking to you and your family. Second hand smoke is likely to cause harm to the non-smokers who stay close to you. I had been smoking for about 11 years (started as a teenager), and after trying for almost two years, I managed to quit smoking, without any external help of drugs or patches etc. I practiced meditation, which helped sustain my determination, until the urge finally died on its own accord. I know a couple friends who have managed to quit smoking within a day, and of course it indicates that they had a strong will, and the roots of the addiction might not have been deep enough to offer any resistance. But we are all gifted with an innate ability to transcend our desires, and redesign ourselves optimally. Here’s a free treatment for smoking – sustain your determination. Withdrawal symptoms are bound to occur, but they only last until you pay attention to them. Ignorance can indeed heal our ability to stray from the natural path. And you’re certainly not going to die if you don’t pay any heed to these impulses that claim to please our senses.

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