How to Control Snoring

We all know the legend, snoring is irritating to the person sleeping beside you. It’s caused due of the vibration of the respiratory structures. This vibration is caused because of the obstruction of air movement while passes through the respiratory track. Preventing or controlling snoring is made easier if you know what causes it. Snoring is still a problem even if it doesn’t interrupt the sleep of others with whom we share the bed. Sometimes if the problem worsens then it can cause serious medical condition known as apnea. The problem occurs when the soft tissues at the very back of your mouth start to vibrate together.

Some common causes of snoring are as follows:Snoring leads to mediocre complexities in a relationship

  • As we age the tissues and muscles of our body weaken and this is responsible for snoring
  • This may also be due the deposition of fat in and around the throat, which is likely to cause obstruction while breathing when we sleep
  • Snoring is also caused as a result of the tissues at the top of the tongue coming in contact with each other
  • Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles, which results in snoring

Most of the times snoring is caused by a combined effect of the above parameters, so you need to try hard and reduce the risk due to these factors. Given below are some simple suggestions that will help you to control snoring.

Reduce weight:

Excess weight is caused due to excessive consumption of fats, and this can lead to several bodily dysfunctions. These fats get deposited in the tissues, and narrow down the airways of the throat. Due to this the tissues of the throat rub on each other, which results in snoring. If you are overweight then it may be one of the causes of snoring, so reduce your weight.

Do not sleep flat on your back:

Sleeping flat on your back relaxes your throat muscles. These relaxed throat muscles block the airways of your throat. Sleeping on the back may also cause the tongue to drop backwards. This also blocks the airways. If you are habituated to sleeping on your back then try avoiding it, as it can cause a problem to you in the near future. Try some techniques that will help you in rolling to your side each time you roll on your back during night.

Improve fitness:

Poor muscle toning, often a result of less physical activities, also causes result of snoring. To improve your fitness you should try and strengthen your muscles. Muscles can be strengthened by regular exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes everyday, which will in turn help you keep your body fit. Exercises such as jogging, running, walking, yoga and swimming are best ways to keep your muscles fit. They strengthen your whole system, and also helps improve immunity against diseases or disorders.

Clear nasal passages:

Dirty or stuffy nasal passages are responsible for generating difficulties in breathing. Stuffy throat creates a vacuum in your throat this result into snoring. You can clean your throat naturally using nasal strips or nasal decongestants. It will help you breathe more easily while you are sleeping.

Quit smoking and drinking:

The chances of snoring increase when the person in concern is a smokers. Smoking relaxes the throat and nose muscles which gradually get blocked while we sleep. You may also experience irritation in the membranes of your nose and throat.

Drinking increases the risk of fat deposition within the muscles. This makes the airway within the throat narrower,  causing difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Therefore, avoid smoking or drinking to prevent snoring.

Keep the air in your bedroom moist:

Dry air within the bedroom can be a reason for snoring. You can use humidifiers to keep the air in your bedroom moist at night. Dry air causes irritation within the membrane of the nose and throat, which again results in snoring.

Throat exercise:

There are some throat exercises that you can follow to prevent or control snoring. Practice these exercises for about 30 minutes every day.

  • Touch your top front teeth with the tip of your tongue and then slide your tongue backwards. Do this for about 3 minutes
  • Repeat vowels loudly for three minutes
  • Open your mouth and move your jaw to the right side and then to the left. Keep the jaw in the same position on each side for about 30 seconds
  • Open your mouth, and looking at the mirror, move the uvula of your throat up and down repeatedly. The uvula is the hanging bell present in your throat.


Singing will help you increase the control on your throat muscles. This will also help in preventing snoring that is caused by the lax muscles within your throat. Join singing classes to learn proper methods of singing or you can sing the way you want.

In case of severe snoring problems, such as gasps or chokes during sleep, you need to consult a physician. There are some modern technologies that will help you get rid of snoring. The treatments for snoring include traditional surgery, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), LAUP (Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty), somnoplasty, lower jaw petitioners, oral devices and dental appliances.

If you are sharing your bed with a person who snores, then you might need some method that will keep you away from the loud snoring noise. You can try using ear plugs or earphones to avoid any disturbance.

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