How to Convert to Judaism

Judaism is one such religion, which guides its followers in the direction of belief and practice. Judaism is known as a way of life, which separates this religion from Jews and gives them a different identity. There is a lot of difference between the religion and the ethnicity of Judaism. The process of conversion for a non-Jewish person is a very formal act. The procedure usually depends upon the person who sponsors the denomination, requirements and rituals of the denomination. It is not required for a person to adopt the Jewish beliefs after getting converted into Judaism.

The general requirements of being converted to Judaism vary in all the branches on Judaism, and this process of conversion is often mixed with religious politics. One of the most important aspects of getting converted into Judaism is immersion of the mikveh. If a male wants to be converted, then it is important to do circumcision. If this person has been already been circumcised, then the ritual will involve only the removal of single drop of blood.  Here are some simple and important steps, which will give you all the information on how to convert to Judaism.
how to convert to judaism

  • Make the right choice; get all the facts right before you decide to convert yourself into Judaism. You must know that Jews never force anyone to convert; this decision is strictly of an individual. You will need to have all the knowledge on what are Jews like. Jews never consider Jesus as their Messiah, and if this is not acceptable to you, then you must not be converted. Never make this decision just because you have to marry someone.
  • The Judaism movements: once you have decided that you want to get converted, then you must know the Judaism movements and according to which do you want to get converted. There are some options like Orthodox, Reform and Conservative. These three options are very easy to follow and they are common as well.
  • Research: do a thorough research on the Reform, Orthodox and Conservative Judaism. You must have an idea about all the three types of conversion. You should know that a Conservative Judaism would only identify conservative and orthodox Judaism, whereas reform will recognize all three Judaism’s.
  • Start learning: start the process of learning on your own. Many websites will help you out with some knowledge on Judaism, but the most helpful website is This website will give you online classes and quizzes, which will help you a lot.
  • Israel: you must be familiar with the rules of Israel. Israel is the only place where this conversion process is considered very important. If you want to get yourself converted, then this process takes nearly 5 years. It is considered very difficult to convert in Israel.
  • Find a Rabbi: one of the most important steps in finding a Rabbi, this will be the only one to whom you will entrust your faith and future.
  • Never get discouraged: once you have decided that you want to get converted, you must be firm with your decision and not let anything come in between. It is a standard tradition that a Rabbi will deny your request three times. Never get upset by this, since it will be a way to test your patience. You must consider personal rejection as a form of benefit.
  • Never be afraid, going for your conversion class for the first time can be a little scary. Always remember that everyone present in the class has come for the same purpose as you. This will prove as a positive experience for you, so go ahead and enjoy your class.
  • The duration of conversion usually depends on the Rabbi. This can normally take from 1 year to 5 years, and it depends on the form of conversion you have chosen.
  • Males will have one extra step in this process. Circumcision is considered as one of the most important parts of this process. The last step is known as mikvah where a person has to take bath in a holy pool 3 times and he must be completely nude. Now, you enjoy your transformation and enjoy your life as a Jew.

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