How to Cooperate

Cooperation is the basis of communication, and communication is the basis of life. Most situations we face everyday demands cooperation, where the help could also mean fruitful for the one who is cooperating. This is a product of pure logical reasoning. Where common sense has somehow grown to the extent of extinction, very few among us really understand the importance of communication and coopertaion in our lives. May it be a friend in need or a fiend in greed, if the situation demands our cooperation, regardless of its purpose, unless we are hostage to harm, we won’t be losing anything by cooperating.

Conscience speaks

Our mind has been raised in a turbulent environment, due to which we lack precision in our judgments. Often, we hesitate to cooperate as we don’t feel like becoming a part of conflicts that have nothing to do with us. But that is in our nature, we are sedentary beings, with our focus haphazardly shifted towards comfort and leisure. We lurk in indecisiveness most of times, and fail to cooperate with our own intuitions. We demand beneficial things to happen to us, when we ourselves are resistant towards incoming help from within. We fail to adhere to the principles of our conscience, often. We tend to hold ourselves more important than others, as a result of which the needs of others hold less value if seen through our eyes. Our eyes lie a lot, to ourselves.

What will happen if there is no cooperation?

Here’s an evident fact – without the aspect of cooperation, life, chaos as it is in its crude form, will not make sense to human understanding, and hence every moment we live will reflect a catch 22 situation. We tend to be liking our tendency to assimilate to a great extent, and we want to obtain more of ourselves. We can’t get enough of ourselves, due to which more than half of our attention is constantly upon the “I” within us. This makes everything else mean less to our understanding, due to which we often end up going off-track. Cooperation is a must, especially with our own heart-mind, if at all we aim to lead a peaceful, successful life.

Without cooperation communication will be stalled, and it will be a hostage situation for every form of life on earth. For us to stay close to our true nature, we must value communication, whether it may concern a stranger, a mother, or a former criminal. We need to play our part well, and nature does count on our cooperation to prevent dysfunction. And therefore, we all need to know and understand how to cooperate, where the lessons tend gain access to our understanding continuously throughout our existence.

Cooperating in a police case

Whenever you are required to cooperate in a police case, our mind tells us to be very alert, which can somehow take effect on our honesty. It does not matter whether you are a suspect in the case or not, but need to make sure that you be honest in your answers, and for which we need to get into the practice of sustaining a balanced state of mind, which we struggle to maintain, based on the current situation. Not giving time and being unavailable will only add to your problems and bring you under suspicion. If you continuously remain unavailable, you can be arrested as a material witness. Think and act responsibly, don’t hesitate, make yourself available for help, regardless of its source.

If you are suspected in some case, it is advisable that you hire an attorney or a legal counselor to guide you through the seemingly stressful situation. The Fifth Amendment of the rights says that, you can choose not to answer any of the questions put forth by the police officials if an attorney is not present at the time of investigation. You also have the right to not to implicate yourself.

Never lie to them, even if you think that you’re responsible for something. Give yourself in, the situation needs your help to reveal the real scenario to the vigilant forces. Lying can lead to severe consequences, avoid changing your statements. Just stay parallel to the real scene, and truth will then be able to take its true form. See, lies are merely reflections of truth, and you know how to prevent their coming into form.

Sometimes other situations also demand your cooperation like divorce, child’s punishment in school etc. You have to keep yourself cool and cooperate, for that is the only way out without causing any harm to anyone, and also ensuring the cleanliness of the environment which often has effect on our state of mind.

How to cooperate with a child’s punishment in school?

Many parents get upset when they come to know that their children have been punished against some undesirable acts. You have to calm down and understand the situation. The punishment is a result of some misbehavior or mistake of your child. Although we, adults as we refer ourselves to, understand that the situation is the result of a mistake, we tend to look at the teacher’s response to the child’s behavior as a mistake that is beyond forgiveness. But we feel the heat of the situation, because we are heated from the inside. It is our sense of possession towards our children that urges us to confront the person who inflicted harm upon our kids, as per our supposition. But how often do we think that we can trust our instincts? Are we really sure that we understand the difference between impulses and intuitions? Or do we even care at that moment? Often, latter is the case, and we end up proliferating miscommunication.

Cooperation during such times can heal the damage, and where the “damage” that we tend to spot is mostly a reflection of our own mental disturbances. Talk to your child and find out what the matter is. Then explain him or her about the mistake. Don’t be provoked by filtered stories of incidents which we, humans, mostly tend to come up with, when we try to hide something that we think would bring back the pointing finger at us. Here, your responsibility is to see to it that your child has clearly understood the motive of punishment and does not get punished again. For example, if he or she has to write down something in a particular manner for a number of times, explain it thoroughly to your child, for simply writing something with no sense of understanding why, would only keep one in the same cycle.

If you need to meet your child’s teacher to clarify something, fix an appointment and cooperate with the teacher. He or she is your child’s teacher and you should respect him or her, even if it has come to your notice that it is not your child’s fault. Learn to forgive, please. Let’s evolve our current state of decay. Let’s push our resistance towards decay instead.


May it be your professional life or your personal life (if you intend to assess your living in two separate ways, as most of us do), you need to realize that communication is the purpose as well as the parameter for a healthy and peaceful living. Here’s one stop cure for our inability to cooperate – adapt to changes without resistance. Cooperation will follow.

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