How to Cover Blemishes

How to Cover Blemishes

How to Cover Blemishes

Nature has gifted man in abundance, and at the time of being born on earth people come with all of their glory. It is only at the time of growing up, that man brings about his own downfall by engaging in some undesirable acts. These unwanted acts bring about a change for the worse in man, so much so that it begins to show on one’s physical appearance as well. At the time of being born, almost every individual is gifted with the best of looks. But later on either by making use of some undesirable items or products, mainly to speak about the artificial beauty enhancing items or products available easily in the market in the modern day world, man only brings about a degradation in one’s looks, and especially to one’s skin. At times, even not abiding by good manners in one’s daily life brings about a degradation in one’s looks and the impact of it is most felt as well as seen in one’s skin, the most visible organ of man’s body. The end result of it is that, blemishes appear on one’s skin as well as make one bad or ugly or undesirable to look at, much to the agony as well as pain of the person, and one feels or thinks that there is very little that can be done about it, i.e., to conceal or cover or hide blemishes noticeable or seen on one’s skin. However, the truth of the matter is that there are methods, adopting which can make one discover how to cover blemishes at the time one needs to. Especially if one has to attend an office meeting or any other party outside and is in a hurry for leaving for the party as soon as is possible, finding out how to cover blemishes easily aids a lot in donning a perfect complexion in no time.

If one is in a hurry for an office party that had been announced at the eleventh hour, and one has just an hour for getting dressed up, along with one’s make-up, which one cannot afford to be missed out on and it is then that one digs deep into one’s bag and grabs one’s make-up’s basic essentials. Of all of these basic essentials are included one’s blusher, lipstick, mascara etc. But what one does not realize is the fact that one’s open pimple which can be easily noticed or seen by almost every individual need to be camouflaged or concealed or covered or hidden as soon as is possible and that too, within that short span of time left with one. However, before one crashes down on the couch and presses for help , one need to know that one can very easily camouflage or conceal not merely one’s acne, pimple, whiteheads, zits and so on, but also those disgusting looking or ugly or unwanted blackheads, only by the stroke of a concealer. Here, we are laying down before you methods, which even if one does not have enough time for removing those awful marks from one’s face, can camouflage or conceal or cover or hide the imperfections in no time. For that one simply needs to be ready with a compact powder, a concealer, a jar of foundation or souffle for putting on at day hours, and the like. One will then be in a best position for camouflaging or concealing or covering or hiding one’s blemishes on one’s face at any given time of the day and at any place wherever one is. Read on to discover more how to flaunt that perfect skin.

How to camouflage or conceal or cover or hide blemishes on one’s face:

  • Irrespective of how bad looking or disgusting or ugly a blemish or mark or spot appears to be, with the aid of this concealment method, one can ensure that all of one’s acne or blackheads or zits disappear in no time. First and foremost one needs to pick one’s make up sponge and after dousing it in some warm water, squeeze out the excess water from it. One needs to make sure that there is just a mild dampness in the sponge and it is not overly moist for preventing one’s make-up from running down. In fact, being too damp would give one’s face a patchy impression or look as well as fail to camouflage or conceal one’s blemishes or marks or spots in the best manner possible.
  • After that, the next step is to conceal that bad looking or undesirable blemish with a foundation. However, one has to ensure that the color of the foundation complements one’s skin tone in the most perfect way possible. After that, one needs to tap the damp make up sponge on the foundation and dab it on one’s face properly. In this manner, one can better adhere the cover-up. Besides, one can also with the help of one’s fingertips evenly spread out the foundation across one’s face for a better appearance or look.
  • indexThe next step in this entire process is to take a concealer and apply it evenly on one’s blemishes or marks or spots. Even in this case, one has to make sure that the color of the concealer one uses blends perfectly with one’s skin tone. If in case one makes the use of a concealer that is pale in color than one’s skin tone, it will only highlight or make one’s blemishes appear or look more prominent instead of camouflaging or concealing them. Hence, it is essential to ensure one gets one’s concealer right. After that, one needs to make the use of a make up sponge, dab the concealer on the blemishes or the blotches or the marks or the spots and evenly spread the concealer over the blemishes or the blotches or the marks or the spots for camouflaging the crannies or the nooks. It is also important to pat the concealed area for evenly blending the edges.
  • Next one has to make the use of a powder brush and dust on a bit of translucent powder on one’s face. After that, one needs to sweep the brush over one’s face powder and gently tap off for removing the extra powder. One has to brush the powder on one’s face gently, so that it evenly covers one’s cheeks, one’s chin, one’s forehead, one’s nose etc. for putting all the make up in place.
  • Next, one needs to douse a cotton pad in water and after squeezing out the excess liquid, blot one’s face with the cotton pad for preventing the skin from appearing dry as well as patchy.

Even the best looking or prettiest of faces can appear or look to be undesirable or ugly with the appearance or presence of acne, blemishes, marks, spots, zits and so on. It is therefore, extremely necessary for people and especially the womenfolk, to discover methods to cover blemishes, for flaunting a clear, flawless or perfect complexion or skin tone, which would make other people and especially other women, go green with envy and desire to know their secrets.

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