How to Cover Nicks on Car

Be it a brand new car or a very old car, you are very attached to your car. Any scratches or nicks on your car would be very annoying for you. Especially, if it is your new car, you do not want even a single scratch on your car. A scratch or nick also means huge expenses. However, if you do not want your car with these nicks or scratches, you need to cover these. You can also save on these expenses, and repair the nicks on your car yourself, if you know how to cover nicks on the car. You would need a few materials to start off and your car will be back to normal, without you needing to pay your mechanic for the same.

You need the things mentioned below to cover the nicks on your car:

  • Cotton Cloth
  • Adhesive remover
  • Paint – the color of your car
  • Car Wax
  • Acetone
  • Primer
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Thinner
  • Sandpaper
  • First, check the depth of the nick of your car. Moving your fingers over it, you can make out how deep the nick is. This will determine your repairing action. If the paint of the car has been chipped away by the nick, you will need to repaint it. However, if the metal and primer is chipped, you will have to do a little more.
  • In circular motion, apply the adhesive over the damaged area. Many times, it happens that the object causing nick will transfer its paint on the car. You need to first get rid of this. Rubbing adhesive in circular motion will help remove all the paint marks, plastic and rubber.
  • On a piece of cloth, put soap and water. Rub the nick with this cloth. Then on another piece of rag, put acetone or thinner and scrub the car’s nick. This will completely remove all the transferred paint, and any other material.
  • Next step is buffing the nick. For this, you need a sandpaper or sandbar. Rub it on the damaged surface. This will sand down the damaged area, and help it in leveling it. Try not to damage the primer lever while using the sandpaper. However, if the nick is deep, the primer would be affected, and repairing it completely will be a bit difficult.
  • Using a polish solution, shoe polish, or car wax, polish the car’s nick. For light colored cars, use dark colored polish and for dark colored cars use white polish.
  • After the polish dries up, sand out the remaining or excessive material on the damaged surface. Move the sandbar or sandpaper up and down first and then move it sideways.
  • If the car’s metal can be seen, apply primer on that surface. After applying primer, let it dry, and after it dries you need to smoothen it. For this, again take the sandpaper or sandbar, dip it in water, and rub it over the primer surface in circular motion. Rub it with gentle hands. If you be too harsh, the primer will again come off.
  • After the primer is smoothened, apply the paint on the car. The paint should be similar to your car’s paint. It is better to cover a wider surface with this paint so that you don’t see patches of paints on your car. The color of your car is mentioned in your car’s manual. The shops that repair cars have these paints.
  • After painting it, you need to polish it. On a clean piece of cloth, apply wax or polish, and smoothly rub it over the painted area. Let the paint dry before you use the polish over it. This will bring a shine on it.

These simple instructions will help you cover your car’s nick. If you have damaged someone else’s car, you can fix it before the other person knows it. You do not need many things. Most of these would be available with you. You might just need to buy the right color of paint, and make your car look new again.

These tips can also be used to cover the nicks on other vehicles as well. If there is a nick on your bike, you can follow these same steps to cover the nick. Try using these tips next time if there is a nick on your car or bike.

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