How to Create a Blog

How to Create a Blog

How to Create a Blog

The craze that has taken the entire young generation especially, by storm, apart from being hooked to the social networking sites is the creation of one’s own blog. In the modern day, almost everybody desires to be famous and in this aspect, creation of one’s own blog is seen as one of the best and cheapest means of doing that. When we read through news on celebrities or famous people, it sparks a desire in us too of becoming famous as well as giving a piece of our ideas, opinions or thoughts to other people and there can be no better a way than creation of one’s own blog and jotting down one’s current emotions or feelings in it for others to go through it. This has especially become all the more correct or true in the case of the youngsters who are not content by just going through the lives of other famous people, but want to make all efforts to become equally famous and known by many people. However, if in case you are also planning to create a blog of your own and join the community of bloggers but don’t know how to, then simply read below to discover how to create a blog of your own.

For starters, discovering how to create a blog may appear to be a daunting task and you might not know how as well as where to begin from. But, irrespective of what he/she may feel, the truth of the matter is that creation of a blog of one’s own is actually an easy task and especially for free. Hence, if you are also thinking how to create a blog, by merely following the steps below, you can create one of your own and be a part of the blogosphere in around an hour or so.

Choosing a free blogging software: First and foremost for creating a blog of one’s own, one has to select a free software for blogging. For this, he or she can read through a few of the articles in some of the online sites and select the best blogging software according to one’s needs or requirements. However, he/she needs to ask himself/herself a few related questions as to why he or she wants to create the blog and so on.

Create a blog by registering for an account: Once someone goes through the websites meant for creating a blog, what he/she will come across is a detailed guide for creating a blog with one of the two well-known free softwares meant for blogging, viz. and

imagesOther steps for creation of a blog: In the process of creation of a blog, one also needs to first and foremost, before finally blogging, select the domain name, blog theme as well as some other options at the time of registering for the new account for blogging. Other options for the blog can also be customized according to the likes or preferences and allowed to be modified by the blogging software, like the author name, comment moderation process and the like. But then customization is not needed before you begin blogging or publishing posts.

Start with blogging: With the adoption of all of these above methods, one is well on his or her way to discover how to create a blog and begin blogging at the earliest. With these, one becomes a part of the blogosphere and begin with publishing different articles or content on one’s blog. Some more ways to customize the blog, are with the use of blog rolls, feeds, plug-ins and so on; however, these methods are all that you have to adhere to, to begin a blog.

The truth is that, there is not much of a difference between a blog and an online site. The only difference can be seen in the manner the content is being presented before the eyes of the reader. While, a blog post has the scope of being presented in the subject of its categories, tags, date of publication, and within search results, a website generally displays its articles or pages based on categories and search results. A blog, besides, needs a database as well as a server-side scripting, whereas on the other hand, even though some online sites do need them, most of them do not. But then, just because of the fact that, a blog requires these technologies, you do not have to get acquainted with these technologies to discover how to create a blog. You can begin a blog of your own with the use of a WordPress hosting plan on the partner site, by the name of ZappyHost. If you choose this plan, then you can get access to a pre- installed version of WordPress, which is the world’s famous blog software. At the same time, you will also have access to a completely functioning web hosting account along with a lot of extras. In short, WordPress hosting has all you require to have to begin blogging right away.

With the knowledge of all of these methods, you have finally discovered how to create a blog of your own.

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