How to Deal with Anxiety

How to deal with Anxiety

How to deal with Anxiety

Have you faced a situation when you have been lying in the bed for more than an hour and you are still finding it extremely difficult to fall asleep. There might be different thoughts and worries encircling your mind, but whatever it is, you are simply not able to put your mind to rest, as it does not seem to leave you at peace. The next problem to bother you is the fact that you would not be able to perform your tasks in the office the next day owing to lack of sleep. Then you tell yourself that it is high time for you to fall asleep. But even that does not aid you in falling asleep. This is something which is being faced by almost all the people at some point of time or the other in their lives. However, you can adopt a few measures in order to find out how to deal with anxiety in the best possible manner. In most cases the person with this disorder is asked to be positive and stop thinking about the problem at hand.

The mantra for how to deal with anxiety is to get in charge of one’s life as well as the situations that is the cause of anxiety. We also have to develop a different approach to our feelings and thoughts. Some of the preventive methods about how to deal with anxiety are given as follows:

  • Repeat thinking about the anxiety till you are bored to death: For example, you have a fear of riding in the elevator alone. In this case, the best advice would be to continue riding the elevator as many as a thousand times at a stretch to be rid of the scare of riding elevators. The effect of it would be that at the first time you might be extremely nervous and stressed out. But as you do that over and over again, you would find the fear gradually decreasing. There would come a time when you would be absolutely free of the scare of riding elevators alone. The only effect that would remain is that you would be sick of riding elevators. Therefore, you need to continue with the thought that is making you anxious and think about it again and again, silently as well as slowly for as much as twenty minutes. It is extremely hard to continue thinking about something for a long duration of time till you are bored with it. This is called the boredom cure.
  • Know what is going to actually happen and what is not: There are many occasions when most of what we had imagined and thought of never came out to be actually true. Many a times, we can feel and sense that our heart beat has increased for some reason and feel as if we are going to have a heart attack, which we however know is our body’s natural reaction to some kind of arousal. Even though we find that these are clues for some event to take place, and that we should be concerned regarding them, even if they are nothing more than panic attacks, are merely something no more than background noise. One of the best possible manners to deal with them is to simply let them pass by after we have noticed them.images
  • Imagine your anxiety as something fake and not real: You can know how to deal with anxiety by merely imagining that there is no real base or root cause of your worry, and that everything is simply a show and there is nothing real in that. You can well imagine that it is a film and that there is a funny little guy who dances and is singing out your anxiety and you are being seated among the audience and enjoying his performance.
  • Make it worse: If we concentrate too much on controlling our anxieties and worries, the result is that they only increase more with each passing day. What you can do instead is to actually increase the anxiety by acting in the way you are worried about in the actual situation and see the reaction of it. What you would find is that it actually does not make a difference in the real situation even if you are anxious.

The basic mantra is not to concentrate too much on some things, because most of the time than not, they are simply things that have been fancied about and imagined, which have no basis in reality. Besides, by doing so, we only make things hard for ourselves. Rather, we should relax and focus our energies only on the more important things and try our level best to avoid the unnecessary thoughts which trouble us from time to time. If we have been able to do that, then we can say that we have found the method regarding how to deal with anxiety. Life is composed of all these methods which make us grow each day by surfacing through the adversities of life and coming out victories from them, learning from each of them in the process and growing as human beings.

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