How to Deal with Difficult People

How to deal with difficult people

How to deal with difficult people

Even though it is expected from us that we share and spend our lives as well as at times embrace the various differences of other people, there are nevertheless few people whom we can never get along with. At times, some of them have a few abnormal or strange behavior and habits which make it difficult for them to mingle with other individuals. Again, there are some other people who simply like to hurt others or make fun of them. In such an event, how do we deal with the situation at hand? Did we get demoralized and lose our cool at that time? Or do we face it boldly and vow never to let it affect us again in the future? Many a times, we merely let the event pass by, but then there are a few of those who learn from these situations and know how to handle it in a better manner in the future when faced with the same experience. No matter wherever we escape to, there are bound to be such people who are very irritating, pessimistic, who do not agree to our ideas, people who irritate us, individuals who do not love our company and the like. In view of the growing number of people in the modern times, it is but obvious that this is bound to happen, because no two persons are similar. The effect of it is that our emotions are hurt, which drives us to one of our basic instincts for survival, i. e., attack the other person in order to defend our own selves. Simply putting it, we ought to learn how to deal with difficult people if we have to get ahead in our lives because in some place or the other, there would be such unpleasant persons to deal with.
That said, however, we ought to know how to deal with difficult people in a better way, for during such times when we are under attack, we might become human animals only on the lookout to defend ourselves, losing sight of our better and higher selves, which is only natural. In order to maintain our calm during such moments of test, some of the following measures can be adopted:

Consider the pros and cons of the event: Before reacting to a situation, it is always mandatory that we consider if defending our position, which we believe is right, would add on to our benefits or profits in any manner. If the answer to this particular question is in the negative, then we should think of dropping out of the argument immediately.

Do not react instantly: Many a times it might be that when an individual tries to hurt another person, then they are on the lookout for the other individual to respond in an equally negative way and continue with the process of sending over negative vibes. When we react to their demoralizing manners, then we are actually aiding them in achieving what they are in search of. But if we stop responding to their demotivating ways, then we can put an end to the entire cycle of viciousness.

imagesPut on the habit of forgiveness: Whenever we are in an event where we are the victims of somebody else’s actions or words, then at that moment, rather than thinking of revealing out your vengeance on that person, it would be extremely nice if you can think twice how you can forgive him or her, and what good would it do if you took revenge. This would help you in seeing things in a new light.

Stop discussing much about the issue at hand: It might be true that the problem posed by some people confront us to such a big extent that we feel like discussing it with other people and having a shoulder to lean on to. But what we do not realize or fail to see is that whenever we are faced with such an event, we find that others simply like taking part in discussions on it and we become scapegoats of indulging in these discussions and end up sharing them with anybody and everybody, since it gives us a kind of relief as well. We narrate to others how much we dislike a particular individual or a situation. What we fail to see during these times is that the more we are engaged in these type of criticizing discussions as well as talks, the more are the chances of that particular person or event getting worse, at least in our eyes. The best advice regarding this would be to completely put an end to devoting time for it and stop discussing about it as well. At the same time, put an end to all the repetition about it before others.

Wait for sometime: There are many a times when we feel like reacting to an event immediately at the drop of a hat. However, rather than taking care of things, they only add on to the problem of the situation. We should instead, allow little time for us to cool off which would help us in making a better decision regarding the problem at hand. Even if you are planning to respond, wait for sometime before doing that.

Apart from the above cited methods, there is also the necessity of a good deal of practice to work upon the feelings that might envelope one when faced with a negative event, caused by someone difficult to handle. However, in spite of the amount of practice that we put on in this particular endeavor, there might still be moments, when we are completely bogged down by a particular situation. It is then when we have to begin with the practice once again adhering to the above mentioned points, which with time would become easier for you to remember in knowing how to deal with difficult people. Agreed that being humans, we all have our own sweet egos to deal with, and which need a little bit of pampering from time to time; but then by keeping a check on how far we let our egos take the upper hand and rather put in a bit of emotional check, we can add on to our own mental as well as physical condition and save a situation turning for the worse.

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