How to Deal with Rejection

How to Deal with Rejection

How to Deal with Rejection

There is perhaps nobody on this earth who desires to be left alone or is rejected by the other members of a group that he or she belongs to. We human beings, being social animals cannot do without the company of other human beings. We love to be amidst other people, acting and conversing with them. If left alone, then we would lose our sanity of mind and become no better than the other lowly creatures of our planet, earth. But then every time destiny or the element of fortune or luck is not in favor of our circumstances and we are bound to be in such a position where we find ourselves all alone. That is to say, many a times, we find ourselves being left out and rejected by a certain class of people as well as from a particular group which we wanted to be a part of. The effect of this is obvious. We are completely shattered and at a loss of words and are totally unsure about the next course of action to be taken. It is then precisely at these times that we have to consult experts in the field, who are in the best of position to advice us on this issue. They would come up with such solutions that one would come to find out how to deal with rejection. This would further enable the individual to act in the best possible manner and address as well as come out of it in a better way. Besides, this would be essential in order to aid the person not to go through the same circumstances again and again.

Being overwhelmed with feelings of being angry, disappointed, hurt and put down are something which are but obvious to be experienced by someone who has been rejected. The end result is that our self esteem suffers a lot because of this.

The reaction of different people to the fact that they have been rejected by somebody or a group would be different based on the specific circumstances leading to the circumstances. However, a few of the common responses of most of the people at the first hint of the bad piece of news would be –

  • During the initial few minutes, you might not be in a state to even speak or talk to anyone.
  • There would have been a numbing sensation felt in your legs as well as the entire body as if you would not be able to move anymore, and as if you would not be able to walk any more.
  • You do not feel like getting up from your place if you happen to sit at that time.
  • You won’t be able to catch a wink of sleep, concentrate your attention on anything, recall and think as well.
  • You would become anxious regarding everything all of a sudden.
  • You would become conscious as to how fast and hard your heart beats were pounding on your chest at that point of time.
  • You would feel like disappearing from the place right away.images
  • You would feel sick.
  • You would find it difficult to eat.
  • Your breathing might be altered and you would feel dizzy, as if you would faint.

As days gradually pass by, you would notice a change in your reactions. The result would be that all of these symptoms would begin to slowly decrease and this would be replaced by a feeling of disinterestedness as well as sadness. Further with the passage of time, you would start to feel better and find hope again. Gradually, these good feelings would become more frequent and lasting than the bad feelings and as much as after a month to two months, you can resume back with your old duties once again and know for yourself that you are on the road to recovery, even though there might still be a feeling of disgust at times. As far as the gender is concerned, it is the men folk who come out of the bad situations much faster than the women, due to the fact that they are not wired up to attach too much of an importance to the emotional side of things as women, even though there are exceptions to every situation.

We human beings have a constant need to be safe and secured. But during such times when we are under the feelings of being rejected, we feel that our sense of security has been at stake. The resultant feelings are that of being abandoned, fearful as well as hopeless. Having been abandoned and rejected, it is only obvious that a feeling of insecurity stems up from inside. You might be contemplating about the next piece of bad news and the eventual pain, suffering or torture that would be heading towards you.. However, the most important thing to bear in mind at this point of time is that we do not begin to fret over being too fragile, as this is something completely natural that would happen.

The worst of the circumstances can be when you are married to somebody and are well on the way to facing a divorce. There is every chance that you would be going through those situations which would totally leave you in an unsettled state of mind. But the necessary thing to remember during this point of time is that each and every situation, with its unique manner of being dealt with, would need its own special time to be processed and solved. Another worst feeling, wherein you are left wondering how to deal with rejection is when you have faced the brunt of a previous relationship, where you were rejected by your lover, irrespective of the age you were at that point of time and the cause behind being rejected. Having to go through another similar relationship ordeal might make you come to believe that you are simply not capable of having a loved one in your life. Similarly, if you have to go through these rejections time and again in the form of being treated with contempt by your partner in the bed, then it might be extremely hard for you to be rid of these feelings of stress and tension. However, if these feelings time and again envelop you in them, then it is high time that you seek the help of a professional in the field. Counseling would aid you in getting rid of all these feelings of being worthless and you would come to find out how to deal with rejection.

In case counseling is not possible for you for whatever reasons, then it is best advised that the next best option is to take the help of self-hypnosis online, which would aid in helping you calm down your senses, while at the same time helping you in regaining back your sense of self-esteem as well.

Hence, go all out and learn how to deal with rejection in the best possible way, for you never know what or who you might be staying away from in the process of being over critical of yourself. Even the most beautiful, fantastic and the thoughtful of individuals have to face rejection at some point of time or the other in their lives.

Moreover, at that point of time when you are rejected by someone, it is not the very best of time to review about your attributes as well as characteristics as you are bound to have a lot of negative feelings regarding yourself and there is every possibility that you are going to focus more on what are the wrong things that you have done in order to be rejected than something good about yourself.

After having come over the problem with a cool state of mind, you would be in a better position to engage in those activities and say those words which might even aid in bringing your loved one back to you. The best part is to know how to deal with rejection by diverting away one’s attention away from all the depressing as well as negative thoughts and set certain time frames to think about them and not throughout the whole day. You need to start engaging in all those activities which you once like to do, even if it means putting in that extra effort. Moreover, you should not be away from the company of others for too long a time. The best advice here is to be around people whom you admire and who like you, than to be alone or taking antidepressants. It is nothing but a normal process of life that at some point of time or the other one has to go through such difficult times and to be sad about that being human after all. There is no need to be worried over it for these would definitely help us to understand life.

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