How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

It is something funny if we expect as well as think that in the modern times, there would be someone who would not have been under the grip of anxiety and nervousness caused as a result of stress and tension. At almost every step of our lives, we are fraught with some event or the other which entails us going through all these negative feelings. If we were to say that it is only us, the elders, who are facing these evils, then it would be nothing but a lie, because in the competition to go ahead in life by getting better grades, even the children are walking hand in hand with us in this respect. Right from the struggle of waking up early in the morning to struggling at school throughout the entire day and then finally returning back home and again sitting down for the daily share of homework, today’s kids have become no better than live robots. A little bit of anxiety as well as worry might actually be helpful in encouraging the individual to perform better. For example, when we are faced with an imminent danger, then it is only anxiety as well as stress which would aid us in taking quick action to come out of it. This danger might be anything from, not faring well in the test to losing our jobs, or losing the company of our friends. Hence, these feelings are, at times, encouraging for our better performance. So, it is extremely essential to know how to deal with stress and anxiety in order to allow them to remain as positive reinforcement, rather than letting them turn ugly.

The point when these feelings of stress as well as anxiety become ugly is when they either put an end to all our productive tasks or completely stop us from working. At this stage, we are under such a bad grip of these feelings of stress as well as anxiety that we fear that we might be going wrong in our actions, or are fully demoralized to begin any task. The end result of this is, the toll of it is felt by our mental as well as physical health. This might also take the form of an anxiety disorder. There is a popular saying that the first step in the solution of a problem is admitting that it exists. The same holds true here also. If you are convinced that stress and tension is leading to severe anxiety disorders in you, then it is time for treating this. The faster and more accurate are the solutions to it, the better are the chances of the problem being reduced as this is not something that anyone before did not go through. Let us look at a few of the measures for how to deal with stress and anxiety-

Become somebody who can know how to relax – Even though we might think that we know how to go for relaxation, simply sitting down before the computer or the television set cannot be called as relaxation in the actual sense of the term. In fact, depending on the kind of program that you are viewing, it could rather make you more anxious or stressed. In the same manner, even though many individuals feel that at the time they are stressed or tensed, they have to take the help of either alcohol or drugs in order to get relief; it is nothing but a false way of getting relaxed which only lasts for a temporary period of time. Our bodies are in need of something like deep breathing, tai chi or yoga, which also at the same time does good to our mental state. For instance, the process of deep breathing aids in the relaxation of a main nerve that runs from the diaphragm to the brain, and being engaged in this process further sends over a message to all the parts of the body to loosen up and relax.

downloadGet proper exercise, food as well as sleep – The body of human beings have been so wired that we have to exercise in the best manner in order to be healthy. Besides, another benefit of exercising is that it sends oxygen to almost each of the cells of the body in order to make sure that the brain as well as the body can function in the best way possible. It is also very important to catch hold of the exact amount of sleep that our bodies need in order to be able to do all of our activities of daily life. Another extremely necessary activity regarding how to deal with stress and anxiety is that we have to have the right proportion of food, containing the right amount of nutrients, such as fresh green vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins, whole grains as well as pulses and the like, for lots of energy.

Communicate with others – One needs to spend as much of time as possible with one’s family as well as friends to deal with stress and anxiety. Apart from the activities and occasions that are there to come together and meet our loved ones, we also have to meet them even otherwise sometimes, to refresh ourselves as well as contribute to the fact of being connected to them. Doing so would help to make us feel secured as well as supported and we would come to know how to deal with stress and anxiety. When we share our anxieties as well as tensions with those we are close to and who we feel cares for us, then it aids us in feeling more understood, and we also come to realize the fact that almost everybody or the other goes through one difficulty or the other and feels the same and that we are not alone.

Connecting with nature – The moment you are feeling dejected and low, head for a walk in the nearby park which can help you to feel at peace and grounded. Ask someone who is close to you and whose company you enjoy, to join you, such as a friend or two. This would give you the added advantage of staying connected with them. Basically, decide upon a place of relaxation which you are familiar with and where you feel safe in order to be able to enjoy and relax in the surroundings.

Try thinking in the positive manner – We have to think in a positive way by focusing our thoughts more on the beautiful as well as good things of our lives, which aids in letting our minds go away from unnecessary anxieties and tensions.

But at times anxiety or stress becomes so extreme that it takes the form of an anxiety disorder and then it becomes a cause for worry. In this case, it is always advisable to seek the help of an expert and get proper care, even though the above measures can aid too. However, in order to deal with the issue in a better and faster way, it is always advised to take the aid of the professionals in the field of treatment.

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