How to Deal with Stress While Pregnant

How to Deal with Stress While Pregnant

How to Deal with Stress While Pregnant

It is not something unnatural to fret over and be worried at the time of being pregnant, which happens to everyone who is expecting the birth of a new life on the earth. This is something which is all the more normal because of the fact that an entirely new experience envelops the mother-to-be. None but she or another lady who has gone through the same experiences can relate to. There are many moments of excitement which leaps in the heart and a whole new feeling is experienced by her, something which along with the element of happiness, also brings with it the factor of being anxious, nervous, stressed out and tensed at times. Obstetricians all across the world have been conducting many researches to find out if an increase in the amount of stress in a pregnant woman can cause either a miscarriage, in any manner harm the fetus or lead to a pre-term delivery of the unborn child. According to the latest findings, it has been revealed that being occupied with too much of stress levels can result in the production of certain hormones which in turn can cause a miscarriage or bring about a preterm labor in the mother-to-be. Even if there might not have come up any clear theory associating stress with any negative effect on the pregnancy of the lady, merely due to the feelings of unpleasantness that it leads to, pregnant woman would well desire to be rid of stress completely. Depending on the extent to which they affect different mothers-to-be, a few of them suffer from it to such an extent that they are simply not able to perform their daily chores of life and remain completely withdrawn from other people. The task before us now lies to find out how to deal with stress while pregnant.

There is no need to panic that life is merely getting out of control for the pregnant lady, as she can easily be rid of the excessive amount of stress by simply following the following measures which have been found to be extremely helpful by not merely the pregnant women but also the clinicians. The main mantra behind getting rid of any inessential levels of stress is to first and foremost give a deep thought about the kind of life that you are leading on a day-to-day basis, and if there are any alterations to be made in that to reduce the amount of stress, and secondly, making all the important changes in the activities of the mother-to-be in terms of both the mental as well as the physical aspects.

  • Bringing about an alteration in your lifestyle, if necessary: First and foremost have a look at the type of life you are leading on a daily basis by thinking about it and jotting down the points on a paper. Ponder upon all the activities that you have to be engaged in, whether be it your church duties, family duties, activities at the club, community activities and organizations that you belong to. After that, think if all of them are achievable by you. If all these tasks are interfering with your own self activities as exercise, time for a little bit of relaxation and sleep, time for socializing and the like, then because this schedule is not achievable as well as satisfying, it is high time for you to change it for something better.
  • The changes have to be made sooner or later: Even though it is possible for you to carry on with the busy and challenging activities in your day-to-day schedule of life, there will come a time in the course of your pregnancy, when it might become utterly impossible for you to continue with all these demanding work. The physical involvement would be more with the progress of your pregnancy. During this period, it would become necessary for you to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, coupled with the right kind of exercise as well as relaxation, rest and sleep.images (1)
  • Become flexible: It might require you to give up on the lifestyle that you have worked so hard to attain, as there are many a things during the course of being pregnant which are not under the control of anyone. You might be faced with a lot of fatigue or tiredness, severe morning sickness, or be in the need of bed rest at home. Especially for busy women, this is something which is unacceptable which bothers them to the extent that they have to take the aid of the counselors to know how to deal with stress while pregnant, because this is something which is natural and takes place in the case of every pregnant lady.
  • Seek the help of an expert: All said and done,it is only very natural that when one is on the verge of becoming a mother, she frets over every little thing; after all it is precisely how balanced as well as nutritious a diet the woman is eating, how pure the water she is drinking, what she is doing, what she is feeling, what she is thinking about and so on which affects the health of the unborn child. Besides, it is also very normal that the mother-to-be is anxious to find out how the birth of the new child would bring about a change in her life and the life as well as the relationships among the members of the family. Moreover another tension lurking in the mind of the lady is whether she is fully prepared to embrace the role of motherhood or not. Everything is fine till the time these tensions take the form of becoming all consuming and possessing you at every moment of the day, putting you in a condition, where you are unable to perform the daily tasks in a proper manner. Be prepared that this is precisely the time when you have to seek the help of a professional in the field.
  • Look for advice and support: Regarding this, the first and foremost thing to be done is to share your anxieties, concerns and nervousness with your better half in a gentle way, even if the tensions are about him. Doing so would aid in making both of you feel much better after the conversation. Look about for support from family members or friends also. Besides, you can look for some better advice or counseling or suggestions from other women who are going through a similar experience or have gone through all of these. At times, even these might not help and you might still be plagued with a lot of anxiousness, nervousness, stress, tension as well as worry regarding the health and well-being of your unborn baby. It is well advised that during such a time, you need to share your anxieties and concerns with your doctor or gynecologist. If in spite of all these, you are still nervous as well as stressed, then it is time for you to go for professional guidance on the matter, since being occupied with too much of stress might cause either delivery of a low weight baby at the time of its birth, or bring in preterm labor.
  • Doing everything possible for the health of your baby: There might be times, especially if you are somebody who has the habit of going out of your way to care for other people, to appear selfish, to be only bothered and occupied with looking after yourself. But you have to have the faith that taking care of yourself is the first and foremost act of benefit that you would be doing towards the health of the yet-to-be- born child. You have to know that cutting down on too much of anxiety, nervousness, stress, tension as well as worry or at least learning how to better adapt to it,cope with it, manage it, prevent it or reduce it, is the first step in a healthier pregnancy.

There might be times during your pregnancy when you might be overloaded with many advice and suggestions, which might worry you as well to the extent that you might begin to get nervous and stressed out that whether the same things would happen to you or not. The best advice during such a moment is to learn how to say ‘no’ to all these unwanted things, while at the same time looking out for encouragement and support from your loved ones. It is perhaps the best time of your life when you can discover how well you bond with similar mothers-to-be through the online site BabyCenterCommunity in order to connect with other people who are struggling with similar tensions.

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