How to Describe Yourself in an Interview

Knowing how to describe yourself in an interview is very important, as it is the most common question asked by the employer. Most of the candidates finds it difficult to answer such a question. Before you go for an interview it is important to be well prepared for all kinds of questions in order to grab the job.

When you are ready to attend an interview you need to jot down your skills and achievements. While you prepare to answer this question you should keep in mind the position for which you will be interviewed and the work environment. When you are ready with the answers to all questions you need to practice it in front of the mirror, as if you are sitting in front of the interviewer.  Here, we provide few tips on how to describe yourself in an interview:

  • While describing yourself you need to take care that you do not start by telling your name, age, qualification etc as it has already been mentioned on the application. Instead you can tell about how you got into any activities or tell about your hobbies, which are not listed on the application. You can tell the interviewer all about yourself, which is not mentioned in the application
  • You can then tell about your strong and weak points. While telling about your strong points keep in mind that you are not too boastful, as this can annoy the interviewer.  You also need to tell your weak points but in such a manner that they make you look good. You need to explain an interviewer in such a way that you do not assume that you are perfect
  • Focus on the points which most interests the interviewer
  • Always try to be honest, be what you are. Do not try to pretend to be someone else, which you are not
  • When you describe yourself it is essential to use power words, as they help to focus your strength.You can use power words such as creative, decisive, persistent, organized, self starter, responsible, productive, motivated etc
  • You can list your achievements. Explain how you took up some challenges and overcame them
  • You can show your achievements based on various factors such an efficiency, magnitude, value, cost and revenue. For example you can show your efficiency by telling that I developed new software that decreased the error rate by 5%

Before you attend an interview, you need to be prepared for all the questions. You can follow the above mentioned tips on how to describe yourself in an interview in order to impress the interviewer.

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