How to Design a Catalog

A catalog is a collection of products that you group into categories. You can now use this information to create web pages to help the customers to go through your products easily. The categories of the catalogs also have sub-categories. Catalog business is a good idea for starters. You just need to have a clear understanding about the catalog design process. If you are looking for how to design a catalog, this paper is for you.

It is a good idea to go for a product catalog when you want to expand your customer base. A catalog can reach the customers who never come in your store. Here are some steps that can help you transform your catalog in an interesting way.

Gather content:

First of all, you need to have all the ingredients in place before beginning any design steps.

Product Images:

You can also hire a professional photographer. The photographs of your product are very important aspects of the catalog. This is because the customers are going to see the photographs first. An appealing image can be the pushing force for the customers to read the description. Eventually, they can make a purchase. If you can take the pictures yourself and own a digital camera, you have to set the camera on the highest resolution. Always follow the product picture protocol. Try to use individual and not the group pictures of products on a light background.

Product Features:

Try to know all the technical details of every product. This will help to write the description of your product easily. Also decide on the item numbers and prices that include the original and discount prices. You may also want to specify any benefits of your products.

Create a Mock-up:

Many people may skip this step, but it is a very important step in the process, as it will prevent you from wasting time on redoing and re-planning page layouts.


You have to make a decision on the size you need for your catalog when it’s closed. Also, remember that there is shipping costs and the number of products also matter.

Page amount:

Then you need to choose the number of pages for your catalog. You have to include the table of contents, the products you can include in an entire page, and extra information pages, like the company history. Try to limit the page count to 4 page increments since most printing companies  print 4 pages on an full sheet of paper i.e. 2 on the front and 2 on the back.


Now, you have to plan which information you want to add on each page. Try to place similar products together.

Write Content:

Try to use short and easy- to- read sentences and paragraphs while copywriting. You should also avoid the use of unnecessary technical language.

Product descriptions:

You should write short descriptions. The descriptions can range between 50-150 words. You also want to include the features of product, but try to include benefits into each feature. And also focus on the core benefit. For example, the key feature of those batting gloves is that they have a more stable hold on the bat, but most importantly, customers can get a discount of 20% for a limited time (core benefit).

You should provide some powerful filler. When you want to reach a 4 page increment, you may need filler pages. Allow these fillers to promote the aim of your catalog i.e. selling products. You can include the history of your company. This can help the customers to be more comfortable buying your products. Customers’ testimonials and guarantees can also be a compelling force to buy a product.

Have an impressive cover:

The cover is a very important part of the catalog. The cover can make or break the catalog’s success. Your cover must catch the attention of the customer.  If it does not capture the attention, the customer might not even open it. The feature items, discounts, and stunning images can boost a consumer to browse through the pages. If you are going for seasonal catalogs, choose a theme that matches the time of year or any holiday.

Design an Order Form:

To create an order form can be a little difficult for many. You need to keep in mind that a customer may leave the idea of buying some of your products only because the form is very confusing to fill. Including a customer service number can help the customers to fill the form easily, if they get stuck. A punched form that you address can make mailing the order easier for customers. Also remember the necessary things like quantity option and both shipping and billing address options.

Print the Catalog:

If the catalog is of 4 pages, you can make a choice to print at your own. However, a professional will be beneficial as he takes less time and ensures quality results. Also, a commercial printing firm will take into account that the page implementation or page order and outer pages should come shorter than the inner pages at the time of fold. A printer can also come handy when you are printing your catalogs. Some printing companies also give mailing services for your convenience. You can go for a printer that comes with reasonable prices and professional quality.

There are many other factors you can consider while making your catalogs. They are different from postcards and brochures as you can consider them as better reference materials than the former mentioned marketing media.

The catalog making is an interesting profession and it is a very good way to start a business. The risks of the losses are very few than other businesses. This business can help you to reach towa rds your dream. Now, you know enough about the catalogs and catalog design. How to design a catalog is not a difficult task for you now. You just needa little decision-making and proper panning to start into the business of making catalogs.

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