How to Detect Liars

How to Detect Liars

How to Detect Liars

In modern times it has become all the more difficult for people to detect if somebody is lying or not by just talking to him/her. Even if it appears as if someone is being honest and speaking the truth before you, there is no guarantee for the same, what with people becoming smarter than one can even imagine these days. Almost everybody in the modern day world has become smart enough to deceive other people as well as not give the slightest hint of being anxious, nervous or stressed out at the time of speaking a lie. But in spite of all of the smartness in modern times, there has also at the same time, many a methods come up for discovering how to detect liars. It is something to be known by almost every individual to be on the safe side of events each time they are entering into some important relationship with another person for them to remain safe and for preventing any emotional suffering. Here let us consider some of the tried and tested methods for detecting liars.

As good at it sounds, there also comes with it the pain or suffering of being cheated by people who matter to you a lot and after you have discovered that they were lying to you on the face and all the while you were aware of it, with the acquisition of this knowledge of how to detect liars. These methods for detecting liars is generally seen to be used by forensic psychologists, investigators dealing with cases as murder, robbery, theft etc., security people, the police and so on. The knowledge of detecting liars is also handy for many employers, managers, basically for any and every individual in his/her daily situation of life and at times, it has also been seen that speaking the truth on a situation and not a lie can make one avoid from being a victim of many frauds or scams as a whole. Let us consider some basic body language gestures, be it physical or verbal for discovering if the person is speaking a lie or the truth.

How to find out if someone is lying or speaking the truth by observing signs for it:

Body language for detecting liars:

  • A difference in the physical expressions of a liar can be noticed, wherein physical expressions are less as well as extremely stiff as opposed to physical expressions of any another individual. Arm, hand and leg movements are less as a liar generally occupies less amount of space at the moment of lying.
  • The person who is lying generally avoids eye contacts with other people for fear of being caught in the act of lying before other people.
  • The hands of an individual who is lying generally are not on his /her chest or heart with an open gesture, but instead either touching the face, mouth or throat or scratching one’s nose or back of the ear.

How emotional gestures can be used to discover if the person is lying or not:

  • It can be observed in case of liars that there is an abnormality in their duration as well as timing of displaying emotions or gestures as opposed to normal people or other people who are not lying. In fact, emotions or gestures are displayed after a long duration than when it needs to be, and is there for a longer time before coming to a halt all of a sudden.
  • Emotions, expressions or gestures are displayed at the same time as speaking with people and this is one way of detecting liars.
  • No match or sync is seen among emotions, expressions or gestures along with the verbal words.
  • downloadUse of some parts of the face and especially one’s mouth at the time of faking or lying emotions and not the entire face as is done otherwise by people at the time of displaying their emotions or expressions.

Finding out if someone is lying or not by observing their reactions at the time of interacting with people:

  1. A liar becomes uncomfortable at the time of facing questions from the accuser or other people and as a reaction to that, they are seen to turn their body or head away as far as is possible from other people.
  2. Somebody who has not lied becomes offended when asked some questions as to whether they have lied or not, while it is but natural for a liar to become defensive when asked.
  3. Even without discovering themselves, a liar has all the tendencies to place objects between themselves and individual they are interacting with.

Using the verbal content as well as context to assess a liar:

  • A liar generally uses the same words as the other person for answering any question asked by the other individual for appearing as convincing as is possible.
  • A liar also has the tendency of avoiding direct statements as well as denying something outright by implying answers.
  • There are all the more chances of a statement containing a contradiction of being more truthful than something else said.
  • Because gaps, pauses or silence in the middle of a conversation makes a liar feel uncomfortable, they generally tend to speak more than is needed adding onto the conversation things not needed for creating a better impression on others.
  • A boring manner of speaking is generally followed by a liar by avoiding pronouns in the conversation. However, when a person is speaking the truth, the pronouns in the conversation are emphasized as much as the other words of the statement or even more than that at times.

Even though these are some of the methods for detecting liars, however, it does not mean that all of these are the signs to be looked for in someone for finding out how to detect liars and displaying these gestures or signs does not have to mean that he or she is lying at that moment. For finding out how to detect liars, the base behavior of the individual needs to be compared, with all of the above behavioral signs.

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