How to Ding Dong Ditch

If you are extremely bored, have nothing interesting to do, and you are craving for some much-required action in life, then you must go ding dong ditching. Ding doing ditching, which is the act of knocking at someone’s door and running away, is one of the most famous neighborhood pranks, which is being played for ages now. The act can be of great fun and excitement if pulled well, but on being caught, you can land yourself in some serious trouble. Therefore, here are some ways that will teach you on how to ding dong ditch and add some color to your mundane life.


  • Planning is the most important aspect if you intend to ding dong ditch. A smart prankster measures his steps and does not go about simply running in and out of houses. You need to plan your ditch meticulously to avoid any trouble
  • Get fit and stay agile. Stretch out and do some exercise. Drink lot of water, and make sure you do not dehydrate while running away. Finally, think positive, do some jogs on the spot, and wear something light and comfortable, but certainly not a bright outfit. You have to prepare well, because a good prankster does not rely on good luck alone
  • Once you are geared up, it is time for you to choose the house to ditch. Choose wisely, not randomly. While looking for a house, make sure it does not have low-windows, but preferably with bushes and other hiding places, or with an easy access to the backyard. The key is that you look for anything and everything that will prove to be beneficial for you to pull the prank successfully. Furthermore, make sure to avoid a house with a dog, or having security cameras, and never dare to knock at the door of the local gunsmith, who likes to do talking with guns
  • Try to play the prank at night, for it is safe and more likely to be successful. During the day, people might see you running away and inform your parents, and people mostly stay out during the day, thus making the entire effort useless if you take all the risk, ring a bell and find no one inside
  • Now, once the right house is selected, it is time to go ding dog ditching. If the plan is successful, then enjoy a day in glory. However, what would you do if you get caught? If such a scenario arises, and the person who has caught you does not know you, then do not stop to give any clarification, but simply run away as fast as you can. If you are alone, run the doorbell for once or twice quickly and run away. If acting with a group or friends, one person rings the bell, while another keeps knocking and the rest keep a watch for any trouble. Teamwork always helps. Finally, if you are caught and there’s no way you can run away from the situation then say this with a stupid expression on face, “I wanted to ask you something, but forgot. Sorry man, it was nice meeting you.” This might help you to live another day


  • Never try to go ding dong ditching without making a proper plan. Some people might get really annoyed and can even report to the police
  • Be careful of the neighborhood where you intend to play the prank. If it is a ghetto, then there is every chance to be shot. I doubt if anyone has ever run faster than a bullet. Moreover, if it is a wealthy household, then there will be security cameras. Always choose a middle-class locality, which you are familiar with and know the area well
  • Never use a bike to run away. It takes time to get-off and might land you in trouble
  • Try to play the prank with someone whom you know closely, at least they won’t get mad when they catch you
  • Do not laugh and run after ringing the bell. Be as quiet as possible and try to hide yourself to avoid people from noticing you

Now that you have learned all the tricks on how to ding dong ditch and armed yourself with all the necessary skills to play the prank successfully, it is time you get going and plan your next strike. All the best pranksters!

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