How to Ditch School

Are you feeling extremely tired of school and everyone in general? You want to add some fun in your life and feel that you have been seeing the same boring faces of your friends in school for ages now. Now, if you are thinking to take a break, then here is how to ditch school and enjoy an entire day of fun with your girlfriend or best friend in the great city of wherever you belong.


  • Act as if you are not feeling too well and have no energy left to get up. Fake a little lifeless eye blinking, which might convince or rather fool your parents to believe that that you are sick
  • At this point, your parents might touch your forehead to check your fever, but of course, you do not have one. Try to avoid any kind of contact with your parents, show a little anger, complain of stomach cramps, moan and wail, and lick the palm of your hands, all signs that you are unwell
  • If your parents get worried after seeing your erratic behavior, and attempt to call the doctor, then pretend, that in spite of being ill you are willing to go to the school. Your parents will certainly feel sorry for you and say, “Oh, what a brave boy.”
  • Obviously, your parents will tell you to lie down and take some rest. However, to prove that you are really a very nice boy, tell them, “I have a test in school. I must take it, and I am really worried about my bright future.” Your parents might hug you in awe and surprise
  • Once the plan is all set in, throw the ‘my parents are the best in the world’ card. Tell them they are the best in the world, very caring, loving and what not. Once they are all smiles, don a serious and contemplative expression and say that all you need is some much-required sleep and an Aspirin
  • When you have successfully fooled your parents, and they have left home thinking, ‘my poor boy is ill’, it is time you get up and have a rocking day with your friends

Now, if you have not managed to pull the ‘being sick trick’ well, and your parents have thrashed you out to school, then there is no need to worry at all. Check out some more tips on how to ditch school.

  • Before leaving for school, make sure you have packed a heavy lunch. Then when reaching school, stay undercover and try not to be seen by many people. Avoid hallways and try hiding in the stalls. It always works. Avoid tagging friends along with you
  • Leave school at least fifteen to twenty minutes before the school starts, for the security guards usually do not check the cameras until five minutes to the bell. If you have a car, then simply get in and drive off. However, if you plan your escape on foot, just take the route where most kids of your school walk. If you bump into a teacher, tell them you are going to the gas station or to some shop to buy some food for lunch
  • Once free, relax and do not look nervous or worried. Enjoy the air of freedom and try to make the most out of the day. Walk slowly like adults, not fast like teenagers. Act as if you are thinking something and keep talking to yourself.
  • You can go and relax in a café, or go and spend some leisurely time in the library, visit a mall or check out a movie
  • Never scream or create nuisance. Don’t litter at the mall or movie floor and never argue with the cops
  • On encountering some adult, don’t get nervous, smile and strike a conversation and talk with long thoughtful pauses in between
  • Make sure you do not get back to school the day you ditched it. Reach home at the usual hours and tell your parents that you had a normal day at school


  • Watch out of the consequences of ditching school. Apart from flogging, you might have to fail the whole grade
  • At any cost avoid speaking randomly to strangers
  • Ditching with a low key friend is always  a safer option, than being stupid and ditching with a kid you are trying to impress
  • Smoking pot or weed is certainly obnoxious
  • Avoid using IDS of your older friends or siblings to buy alcohol. On getting caught, the card will be confiscated and destroyed forever

Now that you know on how to ditch school, it is time to act and have fun if you are bored and tired with your everyday classes in school.

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