How to Do a Back Tuck

Back tuck, called as back flip is the best way to impress people around you. This move is a bit difficult; however it is easier than the front tuck. You can gradually learn it. It is recommended to do this move on a trampoline, as it provides an extra height to complete the tuck.

The back tuck consists of three phases such as takeoff, the tuck and the landing. They are performed in similar order. This move involves a flip in a backward direction at 360 degrees in the air in tucked position. To perform back tuck one needs to have high energy level, power in the lower body and the confidence to carry out the back tuck.

How to do a back tuck

  • Firstly raise your arms and keep your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Next you need to bend your knees slightly, before jumping
  • While jumping, bring your knees towards your chest and raise your arms. You need to take care to never look down as you may lose concentration. Mainly focus on a spot slightly above your head
  • While you dig down, take care that you do not bend your legs below 90 degree angle with your knees. Take your arms back upwards, and jump up
  • Jump and use your arms to launch you up
  • While jumping keep your eyes focused in front as long as possible to make the most of the jump
  • After jumping in the correct angle try to pull your legs towards your chest to rotate. As you do this, the driving force of the knees come up along with the arms continuing up and back into a tuck
  • While you are rolling back, the arms come near the legs. By this movement your body completes the rotation. Along with your arms keep your legs together while they are coming up
  • While coming down, you need to take your legs near your chest and draw the arms back.
  • Next, grab the front of the knees and keep dragging your knees in a spinning motion and begin to stretch¬† your lower back
  • While landing, you need to stop your spinning movement and open back up. Here, you are about to complete the tuck
  • In case, you are landing on your heels, take care that you land on your foot entirely. Avoid landing on your toes
  • If¬† you complete your back tuck by landing in a standing pose, that means you did the move in a perfect manner


  • Do not try this move on your own as it can be dangerous
  • Performing a back tuck on your own can be injurious
  • Never attempt this move without the supervision of a professional gymnast

Learning to do a back tuck is very easy, all you need is to follow the step by step instructions and take precautions in order to avoid injury.

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