How to Dress Up for Halloween

How to Dress Up for Halloween

How to Dress Up for Halloween

Most of the people like to be dressed in their best forms most of the time; throughout the day or throughout their lives. In fact, hardly any individual will desire to be in a not-so-good form in their lives. This accounts for the boom in the beauty business all around the world today. In fact, this trend of appearing one’s best at almost all the time of the day has become more prominent than before. With the boom of the beauty business, more and more people, especially the womenfolk, have become more conscious about their looks and every person in the modern day world wants to appear their best as is possible at all times of the day as well as their lives. This is in sharp contrast to how or what the earlier people used to do as far as grooming their looks were concerned, wherein they needed to mainly rely on natural products for the same. The increased use of artificial products to enhance one’s appearance has done more damage than good as far as enhancing the appearance of people is concerned. One such day or occasion when people want to experiment with their appearance or looks is the day of celebrating Halloween across the different countries in the world.

Now, to understand what Halloween is all about, let us first and foremost try to find out what is meant by Halloween. In fact, Halloween is a festival, celebrated all across the world on the 31 st of October each year. Halloween is recognized by another popular name known as All Hallows’ Eve and it is celebrated a day ahead of All Saints’ Day on the 1st of November each year. On this day, costume parties are held and children are engaged in either being treated to goodies or tricking people who refuse to treat them with delicacies.

In fact, all customs that are observed in relation to Halloween are being observed from centuries ago, that is to say, exactly from the practices of the Druids and the Romans. Among the many gods that the Romans had prayed to, on the 31st of October, a feast used to be especially held as an honor of Pomona, who used to be the goddess of fruit trees. Later on, the Druids, an ancient order of Celtic priests in ancient Britain added another feature to this feast by also holding this in honor of the god of dead people, Samhain. The feast in honor of the god of the dead people, Samhain, used to be held on the 1st of November; hence, it was decided that goddess Pomona, would be honored on the 31st of October each year and god Samhain on the 1st of November.

The Druids or the ancient order of Celtic priests in Britain believed that on the night before the 1st of November, that is to say, on the 31st of October, god Samhain used to call forth all the cruel or wicked souls or spirits, who had been condemned to be in the bodies of animals during the previous year. As people were afraid of all these cruel souls or spirits, they chose the 31st of October as a day of sacrifice with the belief or hope that their god will protect them. In fact, people actually believed that on the 1st of November they were actually amidst elves, fairies, ghosts, spirits of dead people, witches as well as wizards, and that they would come out to hurt them. Besides, they also believed that cats were holy animals as well as considered these animals to have been born for representing people who were alive earlier, and because of being engaged in some evil deed, they have been reborn as a cat. This explains the reason behind cats, ghosts, goblins as well as witches being a part of Halloween celebrations.

Now, the custom of the “jack-o’-lanterns” as well as treat-or-tricking comes from Ireland. Hundreds of years ago, farmers in Ireland used to beg at one house or another for food by taking the name of their ancient gods . People who gave them food were promised good luck by them and for those of them who did not give them anything, they used to threaten them. In fact, they used to directly tell people like “Either you treat me, or else I will trick you.” ‘Jack-o’-lantern’ has its origin in Ireland and is a sign of a damned soul. Actually, a fellow by the name of Jack had been unable to enter heaven due to the fact that he was a big miser as well as not able to enter hell for he had cracked jokes on the Devil king. As a result of all of his sins, he had been condemned to keep roaming or wandering over the earth with his lantern till the judgment day, or the day, the earth comes to an end. In fact, the Irish were so afraid or scared of this fact of having to bear through the same destiny or fate or plight that they began to make holes in pumpkins and place candles by lighting them properly for driving away any evil soul or spirit. If in case, you are thinking how to dress up for Halloween, considering all that has been known so far on the origin of it, here we are laying down before you methods for the same.

Dress as part of a group ‒ There are many advantages of being dressed up as part of a group. In fact, there is no need to take great efforts to dressing up as an unique character or individual, if one is going for a Halloween party with a group of people. With everyone dressed up in a group, one can appear to be part of a crazy or mysterious Halloween gang. One can choose a common theme for dressing up for the Halloween party and accordingly all the members in the group can dress up according to the theme you have decided for the Halloween party. Deciding on a common theme, however, does not mean that all the people in a group needs be dressed in the similar costume and make it boring for the spectators. In fact, even after having a common theme, there are chances of giving some interesting or unique differences to each other’s costume in a group. Also there is no need of going to a Halloween store when one has friends to accompany as you can dress up together for the Halloween party.

Know what you wish to put on for a Halloween party ‒ If one is not very sure about how far one can carry off that costume for a Halloween party, then one need not put on that costume in the first place.

download (1)It is not required to dress according to one’s gender ‒ It is not required for an individual to dress according to one’s gender for a Halloween party. People at a Halloween party are not interested in seeing if the person in the costume is a boy or a girl. They are only interested in seeing how scarily or weirdly can one dress up for the Halloween party. In fact, dressing up according to one’s gender is only boring and as usual as the other days of the year, something which one does everyday. And there is nothing to look forward to it each day. Moreover, even if in case one appears good in a normal dress, it is not the right thing to show on a Halloween day.

One can dress in a more subdued way ‒ Many people are not sure if dressing up in a subtle manner can do the magic on a Halloween day. One need not dress up in the weirdest of ways for a Halloween party. Even a cool mask or a creative face paint combined with formal clothes gets the job done for the individual. In fact, it can be a good idea to appear different when all are dressed up in the craziest of ways as possible. Most importantly, costumes like these are flexible and can be put on in many different manners. The underlying thing for a Halloween party is to go beyond one’s expectations and do something out-of-the-box since that is what Halloween is all about.

In fact, since the 1960s many crimes are being committed, during Halloween especially on children. Candy mixed with drugs are given to children. Even older children attack younger children to eat their candies, or children find glass pieces or razor blades in their treats at the time of Halloween celebrations in the year. This is the reason why administrative officials, or the local police or parents of children advice the children to be careful when going for treats . Agreed that going for a Halloween party in a cool, original costume can be a challenge for many, but with the knowledge of all of the above methods, it need not be difficult any more for discovering how to dress up for Halloween.

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