How to Emphasize Facial Features

There can be an overlooked area, which you would like to consider while you are styling your hair. Ask yourself, is there anything unique pertaining to your facial features, which you want to emphasize or de-emphasize. For this, you must learn how to emphasize facial features.

Not everyone is blessed with the best features, but the way you dress or wear make-up can help in enhancing your features and make you look great. You can do several things for emphasizing your features. Here are some simple steps on how to emphasize your features.

The Eyes

  • Close-set eyes: Create an illusion on your face, of having a wider area around your temple. Always try to wear your hair back and keep them away from the face, especially around the temples. Also, a side partition with a little height will work fine for you.
  • Wide set eyes: Create an illusion for your face, of being larger and everything else being in proportion. Create a little height on the top of your head and give lots of volume on the sides. The ideal haircut for you will be bangs, and you must divide them with wings of hair around the temple on both sides. Remove all strays from your brows and always apply mascara on outer top lash.


  • Protruding ears: Cover them by winging your hair up from behind. Otherwise, you can try a full cover on your ears.


  • Crooked nose: Always wear your hair parted on the side. The side of the hair partition will depend on the side your nose is crooked to. If the nose is crooked towards the right, then swoop your hair on the left side and vice-versa.
  • Wide nose: Always wear your hair away from the face. Give a center partition to your hair, because this will give a look of an elongated and narrow nose.
  • Small nose: You must always avoid exaggerating your swept hairstyle and the bangs should be below the hairline. Fluffy bangs will look good, but you must not wear them too long. Set the bangs in small curls, straight or wavy hair.
  • Prominent nose: You will have to give it a shortened effect by pulling your hair up and keeping them away from the face. Always balance your curls or chignon on the back of the head. Wide waves will look very flattering on this feature. However, remember one thing that small curls will make your nose look even bigger. If you have bangs then keep it on the fluff right above the hairline, try to give it some kind of a lift. People with prominent nose must always go for hairstyles with a lot of fullness, and avoid middle partition.
  • You must keep the blush away from your nose and blend it outwards in the hairline. Pluck out all the width present between the brows. People with prominent nose must have their brows starting from inner corner of both their eyes. Always use foundation, which is one shade darker than your skin tone and apply it on the tip of your nose. Apply foundation on the sides of the nose, if you have a wide and outstanding nose.


  • Round: Always wear straight hairlines along the jaw.
  • Square: Try to have curved hairlines along the jaw.
  • Long: Your hair must always fall below the jaw and must have volume.


  • Plump: You must pull your head forward on the sides and the hair should be beyond the hairline so that the fringe is covering the sides of your cheeks. People with plump cheeks must always avoid middle partition.
  • Thin: Pull your side hair behind and never let it go beyond the hairline. You can wear the hair in fluffed out manner. The back interest at the cheek level can be flattering.


  • Large: Camouflage your face with bangs or massing of curls in front.
  • Narrow: Get hair-standing bangs for camouflaging your face, which does not come down till your hairline
  • Receding: Direct the bangs from your forehead with little volume and not let them stay straight on the forehead.


  • Receding: For this bring your side and front hair forward and keep full hair behind. Apply foundation on your entire face, which is one shade darker than your skin tone. For the chin, you will have to use a lighter shade carrying it below your jaw.
  • Small: People with small chin have to do only one thing, keep their hair away from the chin.
  • Large: Never let the top and side hair go beyond the hairline and for makeup always use a very light base. Apply a tone darker on your jaw, chin, and powder this area with face last. A low-lying part will draw away attention from a prominent jaw.
  • Thin: Always focus on fluffiness blow the ears. Avoid straight, long or upswept hairstyle.


  • Thick/Long: Always avoid short hair. The hair length must cover your neck for enhancing your look.
  • Short/Plump: Your back hair must not be longer than the hairline and they should be non-fussy. Always keep your hair well groomed and remember that long hair will make your neck look shorter.
  • Thin: Wear your hair in a soft, longer and full manner.

If you Wear Glasses

  • Square or Round Face Shape: Get glasses that have a squared or straight off line. Glasses that have round lenses will help in softening your square face.
  • Diamond or Heart Face Shape: Wear thin (lightweight), dark frames will look good on your face. However, make sure that the glasses fit close on your face and are not protruding.
  • Narrow or Small Face Shape: Wear reasonably big frames. Frames with vertical lines will make your face look smaller.

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  1. Pukute says:

    Close-set eyes: ”Always try to wear your hair back and keep them away from the face, especially around the temples. Also, a side partition with a little height will work fine for you”.

    What a nonsense! All you want is to broaden area between your eyes,and keeping hair away from face will emphasize close set eyes even more!

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