How to Emphasize your Body with Clothes

When buying clothes, people will want to buy an item, which will ensure that they are looking perfect. However, there are many different factors to look at whenever you are buying clothes, but often; people will not even consider that factor: body type. Everyone has a different size and shape. One way to make sure that you are looking your best is by learning how to emphasize your body with clothes.

One must buy clothes that will compliment their body and not make them look even weirder. Here are some simple steps on how to accentuate your body with clothes.


Short, Round Type

  • There are many things you must do if you have this body type. First, you need to hide the roundness by wearing clothes with darker colors. Always remember that you must never wear pleats, because they will always add fullness on your hips and waist. While buying shirts, buy some medium toned shirts with pointed collars, because this will make your face look thin. Also, never wear contrasting colors by pairing dark shirts with dark pants. Lastly, remember that buy shorter length jackets, blazers and sports jackets because they will add proportion to your body.

Tall, Long Legs

  • If this is your body type, then you must always wear double-breasted suite for increasing elegance. Try some subtle non-vertical patterns, because this will avoid the look of long legs. While choosing pants, buy the cuffed pants for a long rise and proper fit. Whenever it comes to color, always wear light colored bottoms with dark colored sports coat.

Slender Shape

  • People with slender shapes, must wear pleated and cuffed pants for adding weight. To add extra weight in your appearance, choose shirts with patterns. For hiding your thinness, wear mid dark colors. Lastly, never wear baggy fit clothes, which will look as if they are too big for you.


Uniform Figure (slim bust, hip and waist measurements)

  • Never wear boxy or stiff clothes. If possible, try wearing flowing clothes, which will help in softening the straight lines. Also, go for a bias cut or flared style for enhancing your curves. Never mix and match colors, because monotonic colors will look the best on you. You can define your waist with a fitted jacket that can nip in. You can emphasize your hips with a low-slung chain belt.

Large Upper Body

  • People with this body size should always match pants with slender pant and skirts for creating a narrow silhouette. Buy shirts and jackets that are a little loose but not too baggy and in dark shades. Avoid wearing belts and bright color bottoms.

Full Hips

  • People with full hips should always wear funnel, scoop or V-neck lines. You can hide your full hips with a slender A-line coat and a knee length skirt. Buy tops in bright colors and with various textures. Always buy skirts or pants of darker color. You can try experimenting with necklaces and scarves. Wear high heels to give yourself an elongated and slim look.
  • Always remember that the size of clothes will differ from designer to designer. A dress from one designer may fit and look better as compared to other designers. Therefore, always stick to one designer who compliments your body type and buy his or her collection.

Thus, now you know that there are various things you can do to accentuate your body shape and size. Feeling and looking your best goes hand in hand. Happy shopping!

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