How to Facilitate Learning

It is the responsibility of teachers to ensure that students develop to their fullest potential. It is true that parents plat a pivotal role in their children’s education, but teachers spend majority of their time focusing on students’ academic skills.  Every child is different and it is the duty of a teacher to access and observe the study pattern of each child and come up with innovative styles of teaching to meet every child’s needs. The act of teaching children might sound easy, but actually it is a daunting task that can be accomplished only if there are supportive classroom assistants and administrative staffs. After all, a teacher is ultimately accountable for the achievement and academic success of his or her students. The article will focus on the ways on how to facilitate learning.

  • A good teacher always maintains an ambience in school that is conducive to learning.  A behavior plan should be established and implemented that must state clearly the expectations, rewards, rules and consequences. The environment must provide students the air of freedom so that they are free to ask any questions or give any suggestions without getting scared or feeling intimidated. The classroom set up also plays an important role to facilitate learning. Charts, audio-visual devices must be properly visible and other items like books, rods and beans, blocks, and other learning aids must be keep safely at accessible places. All these things will help to create a positive learning experience
  • Facilitating learning also involves a concentrated effort by a teacher to gradually teach students to learn on their own. This absolutely does not mean that a teacher hands out a leaflet or a study material and tells them to learn on their own without providing any assistance.  Rather, a teacher guides students, be it a math problem or reading skills, to solve any academic problem and help them to apply what they have learned. The teacher must be progressive enough to let students know that he or she is not the only source of information and learning is all about being knowledgeable and becoming a better human being, rather than getting high marks every single term. A good teacher slowly helps a student to tread the path of independent learning
  • Making students better only in academics is not enough. A teacher must motivate them to achieve the impossible in life. Although it is difficult for anyone to make students care about his education, a teacher can motivate them by interacting with them and encouraging them to express their views and thoughts. As a teacher, one must also share his or her experiences but should know when to draw the line between being a friend and a dictator. He or she must make the students feel that they are truly cared in the classroom. This will motivate them to do better in life
  • It will be easier to facilitate learning when teachers find diverse and innovative ways to help each child learn. Teachers gradually realize that study patterns of every child are different. It is difficult to teach each child as per his or her preferences. It is advisable to form groups of students sharing common interest. The process takes time, and a teacher in order to be successful needs support from parents, classroom and school officials. Slowly and steadily every child will begin working better on home work and class assignments
  • Now, one of the most important aspects of how to facilitate learning is the idea of collaborative learning. A teacher must not be left with feelings of isolation, overburdened, insecurity in the school ambience. School authorities and other teachers must show confidence and encourage a teacher in order to imbibe an air of optimism in him or her.  Teachers can share and discuss ideas among themselves to support each other. Ultimately, it’s the students who benefits from a teacher who feels good, has a positive outlook and works hand-in-hand with others

Now you know what the ways are if you intend to learn how to facilitate learning. Follow these instructions and make learning a whole new experience.

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