How to Facilitate Learning

Teachers have a great responsibility for helping their students develop their full potential. People tend to learn faster and better, only when they are motivated to learn. Facilitating learning amongst people has become very important these days. There must be an environment where people wish to improve and learn. People must know how to facilitate learning, so that they can find interesting ways to learn.

Here are some simple steps to facilitate learning.


  • People tend to learn better when they have a personal passion for a particular subject. Whether that subject helps them in getting a job or not, everyone will have one pet subject. If some subject appeals to you like new technology, new skill or language, you want to learn more about it. There are higher chances of you applying on your own to learn that subject instead of learning something that you don’t like.
  • Anyone will learn better, when they see some kind of co-relation between their paycheck and skill, it is as simple as that. If through learning a new skill, you are going to earn more or acquire some sort of competence, your earning capacity will immediately increase, and you will automatically start taking more interest. Conversely, if you do not see any kind of impact the new skill makes on your paycheck, you will be least motivated to learn that new skill.
  • Some people tend to learn properly when they have peer pressure, and this is one of the strongest catalysts for learning. The fact that everyone on the team will know a certain skill, which you don’t have is always a good motivator.[u1] It will present a compelling case for you to be up, competing with others, get accepted in the team and be a member from the core team. If you are excluded from the team or sometimes they may say, “you don’t belong here,” will hurt you a lot.
  • Individuals will learn when they are eager about something to learn. Always remember that intrinsic motivation will score over external compulsions. When someone has a true desire for getting ahead or learning something for becoming a better person, you will be even more motivated for going on that extra mile for acquiring a new skill.
  • Recognition will make people learn. If you know a fact that competence will give you a lot of recognition and attention that you have been striving for since a long time, then you will go for it. Everyone loves when they are acknowledged as the best one in the team. The chances of learning something for getting that perfect edge to make you a recognized expert will prove to be a strong drive in learning.
  • If you notice that, you have career advancement, you will automatically start learning. For instance, if your company is starting their operations in China, you should be the first one to go and learn Chinese language. This is no point in honing your skills in Russian. The return that you get by learning Chinese will be more significant as compared to Chinese. Likewise, co-relation between chances of career growth and new skills will be a strong motivator for learning and changing.
  • Ironically, some people learn better, when they are put under threat. It sounds controversial, but true. Tell someone who lacks interest in learning a particular thing that he/she must not come back to work until they have learned that skill and you will immediately see a difference. This is sad, but true and this proves that fear is equally galvanizing as the truth. Sometimes, the threat of losing your job or losing your status will prove to be the best motivator. This will force you to put your nose down on the ground and learn something, Whether you like it or not.

So, this shows that some of the factors work best for some people. Try any one of the methods and facilitate learning.

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