How to Find Happiness

Happiness is one of the primordial aspects of nature that propagate life. When it comes to matter, it all traces back to merely a chemical reaction in the brain, where endorphins are released, which results in conditions that range from pleasure to intense joy. De facto, matter has full potential to induce a higher meaning to life. A mere belief is all it takes to sustain happiness throughout life, another fact of life which proves that life is custom made for man’s existence. As eternal universal beings, our true nature traces back to the purest form of reality or existence, and happiness, as one aspect that extensively supports life and survival, is omnipresent; and we, as descendants of the Source whose only purpose is to offer – the epitome of love.

Questions of a curious scientist

Finding happiness is what we have, for some reason, named the rediscovery of our true nature. Let’s start from the needs. What are they? Why do we need? What happens when it gets fulfilled, what are we seeking here? Why all this? Do we deserve this experience? And what is it called which is why all of this came into existence?

A process, A result

The quest begins without the awareness of the result, but the ultimate purpose is the result, which in turn spawns a higher action. We are elements, which when brought together as one entity, will need something in order to further exist and sustain our existence. And to keep the process going, we desire.

Imagine, it’s just a space that stretches to infinity, there are endless possibilities. A space that gives meaning, and one that can be accessed from anywhere. Just anywhere, no further references. The existence is so enormous and powerful that it can support the universal happening, and an imagination can trigger the birth of another life. Here, life includes everything that exists, living things, non-living things, and everything else that one can imagine. After all, it exists, so it is life.

The deviation

But what happens is that we fail to differentiate between extraneous desires and needs, as a result of which we confuse between the quest for happiness, and the search for luxury. Let’s redefine our own needs, let’s keep  the calculation part away for a reason, and the reason is happiness. It is better to not have a dream than have one, and fret achieving it. One can not have a dream and still remain inspired to progress towards a completed dream. Let’s transform every moment into a dream fulfilled. Have you ever wondered, why are we getting all this? What have we done primordially to  have the honor of life? Don’t know. Nothing most probably, it’s free love for acceptance. And as no one can deny, love has optimum potential to keep us happy forever.


But we want. Most of us get entangled in the cycle of attaining more than more. We never realize that we have been successful in surviving so far, which keeps our vision blocked from motivation. We don’t realize that the world has been custom made for man, and we can witness truth as the bearers of the happening. Because, it is all for our taking. We only need to keep with pure intentions and our desires and wishes are to be answered. Because that is the meaning of life.

The role of society

We are organisms with the most complex programming found on earth, so complex that we are created with a tool that has the potential to reprogram from time to time. We are the most efficient form of life ever created and witnessed as of today. Our mind’s potential is infinite, and we have the ability to sustain an inspiration. We have unlimited access to infinite memory.

Where we often tend to call our civilization as society, we are mistaken. This is not yet a society, the aim is society. And what drives the maintenance of society? Collective happiness. We are interdependent beings, we cannot deny that fact. We are dependent on the environment for our survival, and thus indirectly hope/believe that others in the society execute their responsibilities. It all comes to an individual to take care of everything that he’s bestowed with. One person’s happiness is dependent on the strength and progression of the society.

In happiness, there is no such thing as delay

We often find ourselves complaining about how slow our progress is or has been, but seldom choose to appreciate what we have been getting all along. For some reason, we tend to take existence for granted and get lost into the phenomenon of racing, as a result of which we end up misinterpreting everyone’s role as competing. There is no such thing as competition, everything is in it’s right place. You get what you deserve, nolens volens. Whatever your inspiration is, stick to it. Time is only an aspect of nature, it is no constraint. Time cannot hold any limitations. We tend to interpret it’s coming as an interference. Why? Because we’re greedy? Because we’re selfish? Because we hold ourselves above everything else?

Probably. Or maybe definitely.

Chapter 1

We have the power to kill misery, or transform it into knowledge and inspiration. Look at yourself and decide what makes you unhappy. Take a look at what emotions influence you the most. Is it sadness, anxiety or fear? Why do you tend to interpret those experiences in that manner? Ask yourself, confront your tendency to stay subjected to mood swings. These are merely disturbances in our mind’s background, but these noises are loud. And hence, we tend to pay heed to them. Then, sorrow seems to overwhelm our state of being happy and contented. Thus illusion comes to be. We become victims of our own chaos.

Let’s analyze – we have come to existence with a purpose that is currently unclear to our understanding. And without much analysis, we tend to relate ourselves to our desires, not clear of whether they are arising from within, or are they trying to gain access into us. Then we give everything we got, in order to accomplish the set goal, or we assume that we do our best. But somewhere, something goes lacking, and we are left with a failed attempt. And there strikes a series of emotions, not really worthwhile discussing. But out in the front, there’s a voice that is feebly audible, and which if we listen closely, will reveal greater knowledge – lessons. The best lessons are learnt through experiences, where miseries are merely the residue. Take what’s needed and discard the rest. It will get recycled.

Where the aim is adulthood

Often, those who grow in age tend to think that they are becoming adults, but man’s growth is not associated with the growth of his physical features. Growth is not just marked by ageing. Adulthood demands balance in the state of mind. Maturity comes with regular practice of ignorance, where ignorance needs to be implicated on unwanted emotions and desires.

No, we’re not yet adults, we’re learning to behave like adults. Still learning, not done yet. We must learn to manage our emotions. We can choose to be happy, this is the secret of happiness. We can decide our happiness, but the source of that benevolence is not only restricted to us. Happiness only has meaning when it’s shared. Otherwise, it isn’t real. Undesirable circumstances form an essential part of our life, for without miseries, there won’t be any purpose or meaning to happiness. Duality is the primordial aspect that is found in everything that comes to be. But, we have the innate ability to tell right from wrong, at least for ourselves; ideally, for ourselves only, unless the other entity is willing to receive your opinion, or help., or whatever you may name it. Let’s choose what would be best for us, ensuring compassion and care towards the co-sharers of our existence.

What if I keep doing my thing?

Do your thing, but make sure that they are not just leisure activities, where you’re focusing on mostly. Don’t fret, it will only keep you in the cycle of dissatisfaction. Accept responsibilities gladly, and you’ll find yourself executing your role very efficiently. Get involved in whatever you do, keeping all the windows open for thorough ventilating during suffocating states of mind. Where our mind is as corrupt as the government, we cannot blame the degree of disturbance in the environment. So, let’s use our ability to adapt to the optimum. Let’s discover our infinite potential. Happiness is just a thought away. Believe.

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