How to Fold a Flag

A flag is a piece of cloth, which is always flown on a mast or post and used for identification. Flags are commonly used for symbolizing a country. The term flag is also used for referring the graphic design that is employed on the flag or to depict some other medium. Flags are also used in military funerals for acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice, which is made by the armed forces. A guard removes the flag from the coffin and folds it in triangular shape. There is a lot of care taken to fold the flag and it is essential to know how to fold a flag.

An American flag is folded in such a way that only the stars and the blue background are showing, so that is fits properly in the ceremonial case. Here are some simple steps on how to fold a flag.


  • Start with the two corners of the flag and ask someone to hold the remaining corners. Now, fold the flag in half along the length and the folded flag has to be folded again lengthwise. You will get a multilayered rectangle, which will measure 16 inches wide.
  • Now, fold one of the ends in a triangle shape by folding one of the corners upwards and holding the other corner in left hand. This fold will come at the striped end of the flag.
  • Fold the flag again in triangle for creating another layer. Keep folding the triangle up and then over to continue creating layers in triangle. You must stop only when you notice that you have enough fabric left for completing a layer.
  • Now, you will have to turn the flag over and check it. If you notice three white stars at the base and one star on the top, then you are done with folding the flag. If you do not see this form, then you will have to fold your flag from start. Sometimes this can happen due to manufacturing differences in flag width, so always check the flag once you are done with folding.
  • Continue to unfold the flag until you get the multilayered rectangle from the first step. Fold the triangle like you did in the second step, remember that you must bring the triangle up only ¾ of the way towards the opposite edge, instead of doing it all the way. Keep folding the flag until you see that the perfect star placement. If you see that the stars are correct, then your work is done and if not then you will have to start all over again.
  • Continue to unfold the flag until it’s a rectangle. After this, you will have to fold the first triangle more or less towards the edge as compared to what you did in step 5. Keep folding until you can see the stars. Make sure that you adjust the first fold, until you reach the right placement of the stars in the end. Remember that you will have to tuck the edge inside the fold for finishing the triangle of your flag.

Tips and Warnings:

  • As long as you continue to treat the flag with respect, there can be nothing improper with refolding the flag for achieving the correct effect.
  • However, remember that you must never let the flag touch the ground. 

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