How to Get a Golden Shovel on Animal Crossing

You wish to show off your knowledge and smartness to your friends or children in the game of Animal Crossing and wish to explore the City Folk, then this article is a must read for you. You will also get information on how to get a golden shovel on animal crossing – city folk, along with information about various shovels and their specific benefits.

Follow this step-by-step guide and show off your knowledge to all.

Things needed to get a golden shovel on the game:

  • Animal Crossing – City Folk : the game
  • Nintendo Wii – video game console
  • Time – to explore the city

Steps to know how to get a golden shovel in animal city folk?

  • You will need two shovels. It is a must.
  • You have to buy your shovels from the Nooks Store. Purchase a regular shovel from this store. If you run short of bells to buy the shovel, you will have to sell some of your local fruits or sea shells to get the amount you need, to buy the shovel.
  • Then you will have to buy another shovel on the next day. For this, you will either have to wait, or adjust the city clock time to the next day. You will have to get to the same Nooks Store again and buy the second shovel.
  • The next step is to select a location and bury your shovels in the ground. You have to remember the location where you have buried the shovel.
  • After having buried the shovel, you will have to wait for four days. You can move the city clock time four days ahead to end the wait. Go back to the same location where you had buried your shovels, and dig in the place. You will see that your shovels have turned into a golden shovel.
  • The golden shovel is very important because, with this shovel you can grow money trees.
  • Another very important step in the game is the silver shovel. To get this shovel you will have to go to the city, but only after 8.00 pm.
  • Once you are in the city, scroll over the screen, and to the right hand side there are some orange colored cones. Now these cones will move aside if you are lucky enough and will show the way to the tunnel. If not, you will have to come back the next day. Again, follow the same strategy, move the city clock time a day ahead to end the wait.
  • In the tunnel, you will meet Mr. Reseti, talk to him about the silver shovel and he will hand it over to you. Silver shovel is important in the game as it increases the money you collect from the money rock located in your town.

These two shovels are very important in the game. However, the golden shovel is more important because it helps you grow money trees. Silver shovel may not always increase the money, but sometimes it might increase the money you dig from the money rock.

Follow the steps mentioned above and excel in the game. Get the golden shovel and establish a strong position in the game.

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