How to Get Inspired

Since we came into existence, we haven’t witnessed or experienced a moment without any dream. Inspiration is the fuel that drives us to our destination, the one that we tend to change often, depending on the circumstances at hand and our state of mind. When we are not on the right track, exposure to the right message, regardless of what form it takes or what medium it comes through, is likely to wipe of the dirt on our glasses, which had been blocking our view to other routes, thus unaware of their presence right in front of us all the time. We all need to get inspired at some point in life. Apparently, inspiration is the primary force that facilitates success.

Keep your attention on the sublime

Inspiration can come from within through self-realization. You can also gain inspiration through different sources. We all listen to the legends of those inspired to achieve something, which would not only keep them satisfied with their existence in the form that they had taken, but also helps them sustain their peace on the deathbed. We often get inspired by simply meeting and communicating with people whom we tend to interact with on a daily basis. We spend the day with our friends, with the bond thickening, as we gradually realize that we are not independent, or rather, can never be, for the mode our life takes is majorly dependent on our communication.

Getting inspired by someone or something doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to become like them. No, this is in no way related to idolizing someone, although we may term that as a residue of the ongoing process. Often we are mistaken when we think that we are following someone’s path. No, the path does not belong to someone, but in fact, one who walks the path has helped others discover the path too. You cannot own a method; no one is entitled to its possession, simply because it’s an aspect of nature. And we don’t own it, we are a part of it.

Gurus taking part in the process

You may certainly be aware that there are many inspirational centers across the globe, which are established with a vision to help others in the global society discover theirs. Also, there are many inspirational gurus all around the world, who can help you find the right path for you, and these gurus need not be tangible human beings. Masters are working from outside this physical plane of existence, the most common examples being Krishna, Jesus, Ram, Allah, and several other reverends, who tend to exist beyond our knowledge. We simply need to open ourselves so that we let their grace penetrate our soul and restart the engine that has been waiting to be given a push from within.

I have tried to put forth a few assumptions as to how we can get and stay inspired. I can only hope that you relate to my contemplation, for these ideas have helped me understand my innate vision clearly.

To learn to keep calm is a basic necessity

Meditation is a method which remains as the epitome source of inspiration. Where its common benefits are known to many in the world, it gives us more than what we could see with our naked eyes. Many take up the path, because someone told them that it helps you keep your focus on what’s needed; some take up meditation courses, with an aim to keep themselves healthy, physically as well as mentally; and few tend to devote their lives to this path, as part of their spiritual assignment, delivering free service to those whose souls are in desperate need of it, but their mind well unaware of their spiritual needs.

We are all born with the innate ability to transcend, and if pushed into the right “Dojo”, we are most likely to discover the right path. So, choose to spend some time on meditation at a quiet place, at least 15-30 minutes everyday. You may refer to books that explain the process, or you may join spiritual associations or societies, centers of which you’ll find in many places, fairly accessible. Just ask questions to yourself in private, what you want to achieve in life? Or is there really something in this world that will satisfy my soul’s craving to get back to its source? You need to clear your mind from distractions. You’ll feel the effects seeping unto you, soon as you start following a routine meditation practice.

Expose yourself to the works by others

We tend to take effect of achievements of other people too. One person’s success can result in an awakened civilization, and that is happening gradually, regardless of whether we want to believe it or not. You can look up to other people’s works related to your field of interest. This can include exposing yourself to the accomplishments of others within your field, or works outside of your field. You can go to different art galleries, concerts, poetry readings, restaurants, craft shows etc, wherever you feel you’ll find peace to your state of mind. You can also go to a library and grab a motivational book; get a book of your interest, and try to incorporate the learning in your own life. Even when the book seems unrelated to you in the beginning, you might make a new connection after reading it and it can help you to get inspires. You can also listen to your favorite music as it can easily connect to you. Any form of art has the potential to inspire you, provided that you leave yourself vulnerable to higher thoughts and feelings. At times, when you may feel disappointed with your inability to find or follow a path you wish to pursue, you just need to remember that there’s always a higher force, which is ever willing to come to our aid, provided that it is our devotion that is making the call.

Explore the terrain

Go outside and take a walk through the city, or take a short tour across the country. Choose the most isolated places, and prepare to get absorbed in pure conglomerations of matter, it will leave you with an embedded experience that will in turn help you feel and stay refreshed. We don’t really need people to inspire us; bright rays of light are present in even the remotest aphotic zones. It is we who lack clarity in vision, and hence are unable to spot the subtle signs of divinity omnipresent in every dimension of existence.

Feel free and let your thoughts wander across the plain valley of nature and self-care. Take efforts to know yourself, not as you are now, but your true nature, which is kind of at the oblivion of our mind. Getting absorbed in nature’s nurturing will subject you to such a motion which will open your mind to infinite possibilities. If you want to set yourself real free, you can find a place where there is no one, do your thing, and blend with the silence around you. Remember, silence is the language of the gods, and keeping our focus on it will get us closer to being godly by nature.

Map your ideas

Just write down any idea that comes to your mind. You can also elaborate your previous idea if you do not have any new thoughts in mind. You never know, even an idea that seems pretty small can be such that it can change your life forever, never be so sure of your assumptions, for our vision is blurred. It is always a moment, the idea which is responsible for changing the life of a person, a moment can take form of a significant episode; and this, not even astrologers can tell. Make it a habit to write down some of your thoughts and ideas, because you never know that the idea for which you are looking for your entire life, was once in your own mind. Try mind mapping, there are several websites that will give you a clear picture of this method of exploring and organizing ideas.

Get away from where you are trying to find inspiration

Sometimes your plans to gain inspiration from certain things do not work well. In such case, you need to understand that you are not following the right path. You can go out with your friends and family. Do not try to overdo things. Just wait and let the things to be all right. Just do your normal activities like go to a movie, go clubbing, play a game. Patience is required during the process of healing, because scratching a healing wound or picking scabs from it will only delay the process. You can also try some unusual things like participating in dance classes, visiting museums or natural tourist attractions, watching sports or concerts, or even watching a movie.

It is very important to look up to someone or something that you admire. Inspiration is obviously not a one-day task. You need to incorporate all the learning into your daily life. It can help you to achieve your dream, but you need to lay your hands on the right medium of knowledge in order to truly get inspired.

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