How to get Noticed at Work

Now, it’s a legendary fact that businesses survive on strong, long relationships, and that we all do what we can to keep our customers, clients, as well as the stakeholders satisfied with our services. We strive to make them feel that they are considered as valuable by the business in which they hold faith. Most of us, however, fail to focus on developing our relationships with fellow co-workers, leads, and superiors. Now, this might seem like a common tradition that is practiced in many professions or organizations, but that does not limit your standards to mediocrity. One cannot expect to get noticed at work, if the individual in concern lacks a sense of belonging to the company, and fails to share its vision.

Walk around for 15 minutes everyday

Office is certainly a part of our daily life, and should indeed be considered as family. Most of us spend up to 10 hours a day in close proximity with our peers, sharing the workspace and all facilities. Everyone shares the responsibility of contributing for the company’s progress and aid its smooth functioning, thus ensuring a steady improvement in revenue generation. Keep aside 15 minutes of your daily working schedule for taking a short walk around your office, where you will greet people with smiles, interact with those whom you know, and exchange humor with your seniors. Simple acts like these act as medicine that can overwhelm the stress that most of us tend to carry with us, during office hours. Besides, sowing these seeds will earn you sweet fruits, thus boosting your desirability, in terms of interaction. And remember, although it’s considered as cliche, smiling is indeed contagious.

Give your colleagues importance

Wait for the right time to tall one of your superiors about your colleague who is performing well. You don’t need to make it sound as if you are purposefully doing it, it must come from you naturally, and that simply by incorporating certain principles in your life. In order to win the trust of people you’ve known not for long, you will need to acknowledge their presence in the first place. Here’s a piece of wisdom – No one is more important than the other in this existence, self-respect is directly proportional to respect for others.

Do realize that you shouldn’t do this with an intention of getting noticed at your workplace, it should come from within. Human psychology is indeed effective, and people will certainly come to know if you’re faking it. A true disposition is what you have to maintain, and your communication with people throughout the organization must be uniform. Be specific, straight, and casual. You need not hold on to the formal, attentive posture. Talk casually; they wouldn’t mind seeing a rod bending, if it demonstrates the efficiency of the work environment. For example, if you get to know that an employee is resigning or retiring, take initiative and organize a farewell party. Similarly, plan and set up a happy hour for your peers, if you or someone has been promoted.

Senior management is indeed your friend

All the notions about the senior management being strict and authoritative are merely opinions and perspectives of few professionals, who failed to grasp the essence of a business relationship, maybe because they have worked with a couple businesspersons who fail to incorporate values and ethics in their disposition. But this is not the case with every professional; not all of them lack precision in judgment.

Running a business is an integrated effort, and every employee within the company is equally responsible for the existing state of business. You are as worthy as a senior member of a successful organization; this is the final verdict of a moral judge. Most people are certainly not be aware of this fact, and many may simply nod to this philosophy, but they fail to actually absorb the essence. Yes, one can indeed be affectionate with superiors, and go about developing the relationship into friendship. All the differences that come as a residue of authority at workplace are to be ignored, for illusions deserve only ignorance.

See/ hear your name

Have you ever thought of extending a helping hand in the development and maintenance of your organization’s website, or its brochures, or the journals that are distributed among all departments within the organization? You see, these publications are frequently reviewed by the top executives, and you’ll end up acquiring some goodwill for yourself.

Take extra responsibilities

Always remember that your job specifications are merely the primordial parameters, and there lies a lot beneath the cloak, which defines your role as a potential asset to the company and an active participant in the progression of its business. Whatever your job maybe, you are to aim for perfection in the work you do, and also help others achieve efficiency at work. If you spot any loopholes within the system, you need to address the issue to the management, and that following a thoughtful analysis, deep enough so that you can draw conclusions based on careful observation and evidences. Doing so, will not only gain the confidence of your employer, but also keep you satisfied with your job, which is what many among us don’t get to experience.

If you encounter any major issues, you are as responsible as your superiors, to raise a concern and communicate your derivations to your employer. While doing so, do ensure that you do not bring into picture your personal emotions or feelings, for they are likely to trigger differences. Your role here is to let them know of the crisis, and it ends here, unless the management is willing to consider your opinions or deductions on this one. And believe it or not, the management craves to get such employees. All you need to do is ensure accuracy, detail, and completeness in the arguments that you put forth.

Join a committee or task force

Interacting with the same colleagues everyday won’t increase your presence or prominence within an organization; however, joining committees will get you introduced to new people, and you will end up expanding your professional network. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to people who are considered as valuable by the organization.

Mediate conflicts at the workplace

Workplace conflicts are common incidents, where lies the opportunity to display your problem solving skills. When done with precision, such acts of responsibility will earn you outstanding results. While you are at the task, make sure that you don’t judge the people involved in the conflict and avoid take sides, for you need to remember that this is not your conflict. Instead, you simply need to serve the purpose of a mediator or a facilitator, thus displaying your adherence to the primordial principles for professional conduct.

Always keep in mind that your aim is to resolve the conflict; ensure that you don’t get emotional under pushy circumstances. Imagining beyond the differences is the optimal way of resolving a conflict. Here’s a piece of universal wisdom – Differences exist to fuel further connecting, and we must consider them as something which would act as a fulcrum for getting even closer, which can be done by resolving or depleting them. Differences exist so that we can understand and experience bonding even more.

Here are more tips that will help you get noticed at work:

  • After using the last piece of paper from the printer or copier, do ensure that you fill it up again, especially when it is a shared equipment

  • While you’re at the coffee station or filling some water from the cooler, take a minute to prepare another one for the person next in queue

  • Take initiative as to mentor new recruits, sharing your trade secrets – something that will help your colleague maintain a good impression before his/her superiors

  • Remember that we’re all bound by Karma, and the people we help will always be there for us when it matters, although we are not to expect that this is how it will be

  • Avoid mediocre distractions at work by ignoring gossips and behind-the-back talks

  • Don’t shy away from those whom you don’t know. Crack a smile instead, and it will eventually get you ahead at work

  • Keep updated of ongoing market trends

  • Reduce the number of leaves that you take, avoid taking leaves due to boredom or lethargy (this seriously helps you maintain good impression)

Your best performance

Always remember that you need to maintain optimal productivity at your workplace. Spend time analyzing your incompetencies or inability to remain consistent, and derive conclusions based on your fallacies. This will help you keep updated of your limitations, which should consciously be worked on. Gradually, these changes will become subconscious, and you’ll start delivering excellent productivity while you’re on autopilot. Remember, you won’t get ahead with mediocre performance, regardless of how many extra steps you may go about implementing. You cannot expect to get noticed at work, if you aren’t executing your primary responsibilities optimally.

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