How to Include a Pet in Your Wedding

How to include a pet in your wedding

How to include a pet in your wedding

We all love to have the company of our pets around at almost every time of the day and feel the urge to include them in every important event of our lives. But then apart from those who like the company of pet animals around, there are at the same time, also another group of individuals who shun at the name of an encounter with an animal, even if it is a friendly one. Hence, much as we might love to include our pets on every important occasion of our lives, especially our marriage, there are a few norms of the society that we have to abide by, which when not observed, might lead to an utter chaotic situation in the entire event itself. There are some pointers which might be taken into consideration when finding out how to include a pet in your wedding-

  • Consider the comfort factor of everybody around: Once you have decide to include your pet animal in the all big event of your marriage, what you need to ensure is whether everyone around, and especially the guests who have been invited, are alright with the presence of the pet animal. The best advice for this would be to take the advice of your would-be spouse and take their consent for the matter. Besides, it would be best to ask almost all the guests personally if they are comfortable with a pet animal around. In case any or most of them are not fine with the idea, there is no other option left before you, but to abandon the plan.
  • Check out the options of the venue: Once you have got the nod to go ahead with the plan of including your pet for your wedding, the next step to be taken on your part is to check out with the officials of the place of reception, if it is alright to have your pet animal at their place. Also ensure to inform everyone connected with the preparations of the marriage about your plans, lest they are not in a state of confusion on the d-day.
  • Let somebody look after your pet: The role that your pet animal might perform in your wedding might be as simple as merely sitting beside you; however you or your fiancĂ©e cannot be expected to keep a notice of the pet on your own marriage day. The best option for this would be to take the aid of somebody who is known by your pet animal and gets along well with it. In case there is nobody like this, what is best is to fix up a meeting with the person a few days ahead of the day of wedding, so that your pet can get used to the person well in advance.How to include a pet in your wedding
  • Practice a little: The best way to instill the habit of doing their part on the day of the wedding is simply to practice as you always have been doing for learning a new trick or for putting on a new behavior in your pet animal. It is similar with the task to be performed by the pet on the day of the marriage, and this is another of the pointers to bear in mind while planning out how to include a pet animal in your wedding. As usual, treat the pet to a few goodies and shower praises on it for something as insignificant as putting on the new item. The best thing in this would be to make the pet animal practice the new behavior in the location of the marriage so as to make the pet get acquainted with the place. But in case the location is not available for the purpose, at least start with making the pet animal practice in different places on different days so that the pet would at least have the confidence to perform the trick in a different location on the day of the wedding.
  • Rationally plan out the ceremony with the pet animal: It is extremely essential for you to know why you want to include your pet for your wedding. If not, you can end up confusing everyone and every plan around on the d-day. For this to happen, one important thing to bear in mind is the pet animal’s abilities as well as temperament. Like for example, if you are planning to have your pet bird included for the marriage ceremony, then if you know that the bird can easily and quietly fly around from one person to the other and sit there for sometime, it is fine to have it around. However if you have a small puppy, who has just started to learn to sit, it would not exactly be the best of ideas to walk up to the altar carrying a heavy pillow with the rings.

The observation of all these basic rules might be enough for you to prepare how to include a pet in your wedding. But in spite of all your best efforts towards having everything turn out as smoothly as possible it might be that things might not turn out to be the way they are expected to since after all the pet is an animal without a mind of its own. The pet animal might start to suffer from a stage fright all of a sudden in which case, there has to be someone to take it away to home where it might be happy and come back to its normal state. What is necessary is how comfortable the animal is, for at the end of the day, you do not want to cause them pain by making them feel uncomfortable.

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