How to Inspire Others

Inspiration is a deep concept, and unless we take efforts as to understanding what it is and where it comes from, we won’t be able to inspire others. Very few people understand the exact meaning of inspiration. In this life, every person needs to be inspired in order to achieve something. Inspiration is the fuel that can ignite our desire to reach towards our dreams, it is the primary drive that keeps the vehicle going, where the vehicle is our determination to reach the destination. Inspiration enables the person to become someone that he always wanted to be, and often this desire can only be accessed if enough time is given to understanding one’s own needs.

Sources of inspiration

There are many mediums through which inspiration will gain access to you, provided that you deliberately forget to bolt your mind’s doors so as to take the effect in. Success stories are eternally orbiting our environment, it’s us who need to be inclined to its sources. It doesn’t necessarily take a guru to inspire others, we all get inspired through our daily communication. The feeling that comes when we get inspired is a known legend across the society, but the satisfaction that our soul experiences when we manage to inspire others leaves a mark within us as well as gets dissolved in the surrounding, and the cycle of inspiration continues, proliferating each time it acquires a form. Art remains as a major trigger factor for inspiration. It’s like art is a channel or a vessel that is full of inspiration and devotion. And as wise men say, art can even be implemented in our day to day activities, which will bring in precision and efficiency in what we do and how we function.

Be a good example

We have somehow developed a habit to look up to people who are successful. So you need to strive to maintain a great disposition, so that the person you want to inspire becomes willing to share the vision that you had/have. People look upon what you do more than listen to what you speak. This proves that communication happens majorly through observing the activities within the society. Now, your aim should not be to inspire others, for that is not your purpose or assignment. You have not been assigned to the task, so considering yourself responsible for such a purpose would mean that you’re giving more importance to yourself. You need to keep doing your thing; just follow your path and you’ll automatically inculcate the qualities which act as modes of inspiration to others.

Compassion and care for others

Compassion is very important to inspire anyone. You need to understand the  exact problem and the desire of that person. To many people, it does not matter at all whether you possess great knowledge of the topic. First thing that is required here is how much you care for others, intentions supersede demands. Primarily, you must take efforts in getting to know that person from close quarters. It is impossible to assume what’s going on the minds of others, when we ourselves don’t know most of the times what’s in the back of our mind. But with persistence, you can get closer to getting to know that person. You need to make a genuine effort to show to people that you take enough interest in them.

Here’s something that might help you – strangers are indeed one among us, and as much a part of the nature family as we are. So, the concept of “strangers” is basically a delusional perspective, for as soon as the word “stranger” comes into picture, the gaps or the differences between us, as people within a society, seems widened. So, let’s understand that we are interdependent beings, and it’s as much our right to help others, as it is to ask for help from friends.


There is a point in everyone’s life that a person feels low, and quite often in the modern era marked by the sense of possession. Everyone in this world has gone through tough times, and tough times cannot be classified into tougher times or toughest times, for the basic reason that they’re tough, no matter the intensity it may seem to project. Some people just give in to overwhelming pressure, and decide to quit. At such times, encouragement can be the support that they’re deeply seeking, and offered at the right instances, you will successfully help someone rise to a higher level of understanding. We all need social support, so why not ensure good karma by initiating the cycle? Be inspiring to help them get the best from their innate abilities.

Be inspired yourself

It is a greatly followed saying that God helps those who have the desire to help themselves. Sustain your inspiration, no matter how worse your mood shifts or emotional disturbances may be. Remember, the purpose does not diminish in real, not the value of a particular act; only the perspective changes from person to person, which is quite natural, for our thinking patterns are unique and dynamic. If you want to self-inspire yourself, you can look for people, ideas, environments, and knowledge that you generally find inspiring and motivating.

Share your experiences

Time is the biggest teacher for anyone. It teaches you the lessons of life, and no one is left untouched of mistakes. Ever in your path, there is no reason that you stop trying, unless you realize that it is not the right platform for your thriving. You need to learn from your mistakes, and very importantly, share them with others, at least those whom you hold dear to you. Share your unique point of view in case one of your friend is troubled by a catch 22 that he’s unable to decode. You need to understand that it is only you, who can solve your problems. However, it is again you, who can touch someone with your inspiring message.

Be vulnerable

There are many people in this world, who just share their achievements and not the failures. Does it mean that they have never failed in their whole life? No, it’s nothing like that. Everyone in this world has a long history of failed attempts. When inspiring someone, you need to be willing to share both your failures and successes. Others can relate to your experiences, and no one will get bored of listening to stories of overcoming obstacles, unless they address mediocre or common problems. Thought such as “It seems like I’m the only one getting drenched in the rain,” “Problems tend to find me first,” “I’m sick of these problems and I’m running away from them” etc, are merely background noises, and if you tend to come across someone troubled by these thoughts, prepare yourself to shed some clarity on them.

Be a good communicator

Communication is the basis of life, where it can take forms that range from physical to astral. History reveals that good rulers are good communicators, and possess excellent motivational skills. If you can communicate effectively, you can win any battle on your own. So, to communicate effectively with others is also a very important trait to inspire others. You should choose your words wisely and effectively. Remember, a sentence comprises of many words, where every word can mean different to different people, simply because  we all have our own ways to interpret a message. Invest in improving your communication skills, it will keep you on the right track. Communication is the only channel through which knowledge shows itself to the world, and we, as highly efficient mediums of communication, must be willing to take the role of an effective tool for communication.

Challenge people

The human mind is such that it never knows its extreme strength. You always need a push to achieve something, but achievement is guaranteed if you cling onto determination. Almost all of us have had teachers in the past, whom we considered to be tormentors, but now as we look to our past lives, we realize that the intention behind their seemingly tormenting ways of mentoring was simply our growth. They forced us to do our best, and we did get better, that’s for certain. Friendly challenges also helps keep both parties motivated, where the victory of either of them has effect on both parties in the given scenarios. Indulge in indoor/outdoor games, and introduce your friends to these activities. You’ll witness how their attitude towards their own abilities changes gradually.


Knowledge is always the most important tool in anyone’s armory. It is not true in all cases that all readers are leaders but it is quite certain that all leaders are good readers. You don’t necessarily need to go through newspapers to know what’s going on around you. In fact, where media has made it a habit to abuse its control over information, it is better to stay off news channels and newspapers. Instead, make it a habit to read non-fictional works by renowned authors, which will not only shower some knowledge, but also facilitate expansion of your imagination. In short, you need to stay informed. You can share the things, which you read in the recent past with others. You can share the name of those books that inspire you the most.

Inspiring others to help them get their goals is a very noble cause. If there is someone you know who needs your support of any kind, you should step in to help such friends-in-need rightaway. However, please remember that such noble causes have got nothing to do with pride or self-esteem, they are causes that earn you the fruits of benevolence, where feelings like self-importance, self-credit, and pride are merely residues that one must certainly choose to ignore.

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