How to Interact With Children

Interacting with children can be fun if the right method of interacting with them is used. It is necessary that the interaction with children is fun else they might just start ignoring you when they start getting bored. It is always good to learn how to interact with children, even if you are not a parent. Learn to bond with the children and experience the joy while doing so. Interacting with kids differ depending on the age group. Interacting with toddlers would differ from interaction with kids in the grade school age. Remembering certain points while interacting with children could help you have a great time with kids.

  • Make sure that you speak to the kids at their level physically. You should sit on a chair or on the floor while talking to a child. This makes the interaction comfortable to both, you and the child.
  • Always try and understand the personality of the child. This helps you determine the instances when a child cries for attention. It is very important that you respond to their attempts to seek attention.
  • Always get along with them in various activities like painting, playing with the pets, dancing etc. This helps the kids know that activities are very much important in their lives.
  • Have an open interaction with the kids. Always have a smile on your face when you speak to kids and keep the tone warm and express yourselves with actions and soothing touches.
  • Children love books and fairy tales. Sit with them and read along with them, or allow them to read aloud and listen to them with utmost interest. You can also tell them to enact a character if they would like to.
  • There is a lot of information available on the internet, books DVDs to guide you with effective interaction with a child.
  • If the child is school going, ask them how their day in school was and ask them about their favorite game, the books that they like. Play around with them and get the child into a comfort zone as it creates a feeling in the child’s mind that you are a person s/he enjoys being with.
  • Take the kids for a drive in your car or bike. Take them to amusement parks or for watching an animated or kids’ movie of their choice. To add to the fun also invite your kid’s friends along.
  • One major thing you need to keep in mind is to stay calm and not lose your patience as kids being vibrant and chirpy could sometimes get to your nerves. Take a deep breath to cool down. Give them warnings that if they behave badly they would not be allowed to use their favorite toy, or tell them that you would not play with them etc. You can also offer them with sweets or an ice-cream if they behave well.

Creating that corner in a child’s heart is very necessary if the interaction between you and the child needs to be a pleasant one. If this feeling is not created, it becomes difficult for the interaction as the child would be least interested to get along with you.

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