How to Interpret Dreams

How to Interpret Dreams

How to Interpret Dreams

People from times immemorial are known to have said that our dreams are an indication of some hidden aspect in our daily real lives, that for one reason or the other, could not have been fulfilled, and as a result we are witnessing the dream for getting it fulfilled in a way. Whenever we go through any dream, it is an indication of being in some need and being unable to get it fulfilled in our real life; we thus take recourse of getting it fulfilled in dreams. Even though, many people say that, many of us still never pay heed to the fact that dreams can actually speak a lot about what we are going through in our daily lives as well as an indication of what we are looking forward to in our lives. But from a long time, many researchers have been conducting experiments behind the psychology of dreams and have actually come up with many meaningful explanations for the same. How to interpret dreams is a difficult thing and dreams can be extremely mysterious. After we have had an understanding behind the meaning of our dreams, we also at the same time need to know that dreams have the capacity to unify our body, mind as well as spirit. In fact, at the time of analyzing the meaning behind dreams, we need to bear in mind the fact that all of our experiences and current circumstances have a big impact on our interpretation of our dreams. By interpreting dreams, we get a better discovery, insight as well as understanding of our real self, which in the long run aids in further exploring our real selves. Besides, by knowing how to interpret dreams, we can gain the ability of accessing our hidden emotions, feelings and secrets within our subconscious mind. In fact, it can also be possible for predicting the events of our future from our dreams. A theory to interpret dreams is to concentrate closely on each and every detail in the dream, because the symbols gives us a guide to our unconscious mind. These details of our dreams comprise of animals which we see, characters or colors that we see around us in our dreams, emotions which we experience, numbers that we mostly count or see in our dreams, objects which we see, places that we are in, see or visit in our dreams etc.

Dreams can be bizarre or terrifying, even though at times they are pleasant as well. The simple fact that dreams can be compelling as well as rich makes many people believe in the meaning or significance behind our dreams. Even though, many researchers have conducted researches and studies on the meaning behind dreams, none have been completely successful in getting a break through in explaining the goal or purpose of seeing dreams when we are in our sleep, leave alone explaining the meaning of different dreams. In fact, G. William Domhoff, an eminent researcher, after a long research on the reason behind seeing dreams have finally come to the conclusion that dreams more or less are of no meaning or purpose and that they indicate nothing about people as well as their future and lives. However, despite this assumption of G. William Domhoff, dream interpretation as a subject nonetheless, became quite popular. Even though, research has still not been able to come up with any actual or real goal or purpose behind seeing dreams, many experts in the field believe that dreams do indicate something regarding people as well as their future and lives.

In fact, it is from the 1970s that the aspect of dream interpretation became an increasingly popular area of research as well as study among the experts and the researchers. It can be traced back to all the hard work by authors like Ann Faraday. In the book “The Dream Game,” Faraday has laid down some ideas as well as methods, that can help people find the meaning behind their dreams and discover how to interpret dreams of their own. In fact, thanks to all the research and study of such eminent experts of the field that in the modern day world, today consumers have access to a wide variety of books or matter on the field, wherein there are many dream dictionaries, symbol guides or methods for interpreting as well as understanding the meaning behind dreams. Some other experts of the field such as, Cartwright and Kaszniak maintain that the aspect of dream interpretation reveals more about the interpreter than it does regarding the meaning behind dreams. The greatest work on dream interpretation has, however, been done by Sigmund Freud, who believed that dreams are a road to the state of our unconscious mind . In fact as said before, according to Freud and as laid down in his book “The Interpretation of Dreams,” we mostly see dreams due to the fact that some of our desires, wants or wishes remain unfulfilled in our real life and to fulfill it, we see dreams, wherein we see those desires, wants or wishes being fulfilled. Freud believed that the actual events or imagery or manifest content of a dream did to disguise or hide the latent content, that is, the unconscious desires, wants or wishes of people. I fact, Freud has beautifully mentioned them in the form of four elements which are as follows ‒

  • The part called as Condensation ‒ In this dream, many different concepts or ideas are amalgamated and represented in a dream and all of the information is condensed into a single image or thought.
  • The part known as Displacement ‒ In this dream, all the emotional concept or meaning of the latent content is mingled up with the important and insignificant parts of the dream together.
  • The part of the dream called as Symbolization ‒ This dream also confuses the meaningful with the less meaningful parts of the latent content with those that are not fully expressed or cannot be found out from the dream.
  • The stage of secondary revision ‒ According to Sigmund Freud, in the last part of the dreaming process, the abstract or bizarre aspects of the dream are made comprehensible by reorganizing them and in the process, generating the manifest content.

In fact, as long as people continue to live on the earth, dreams will continue to come and so would dream research continue to generate an interest to discover how to interpret dreams as well as find out the meaning behind dreams. The goal or motto or purpose of dream interpretation is not comprehending the dream but the dreamer of the dream.

download (2)One option of seeing a good dream is to sleep well, that can be achieved by adopting the following methods ‒

  • Arrange for a conducive ambience before going to bed. Any forms of foul smell, noise, sharp bright light or even putting on uncomfortable clothes can cause bad or fearful dreams.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not drink anything comprising of caffeine after four p.m. in the evening for it can affect sleep.
  • Go to bed in a relaxed mood by either listening to music or reading a book, and not by being angry or sad.
  • Sleep at a regular time each and every day.
  • Think about something happy or joyful before sleeping.

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