How to Justify Text in HTML

Websites usually have text that is justified on the left side. If you look closely at the left side of the text you will find the words going down the page are in a proper straight line. However, the alignment on the right side of the text is often left uneven, marring the overall aesthetic appeal of the website design. Here comes the importance to justify the document in HTML that creates a proper alignment of text on the right side of the page increasing the overall impact of it on the readers. Read more and know how to justify text in HTML.

In order to justify a text you would need an HTML Editor or Text Editor. HTML Editor software is used in creating content for various websites. For its feature WYSIWYG – an acronym for what you see is what you get – the software is extremely easy to use. When you intend to design web pages, you must use features that are eye-catchy yet easy to understand. You can buy and download HTML editor from the internet and create effective web pages for your personal or business purpose.

Now, let us check out the ways of how to justify text in HTML to make it more readable:

  • First, open the text or HTML page that you intend to justify in an HTML editor. Open the page in any other text editor or Notepad, if you do not have an HTML editor
  • Once you have opened the page, navigate it
  • Add <align=“justify”> after the paragraph tag, <p>, at the opening of the paragraph that you intend to justify
  • Around a set of paragraphs that you want to justify, create a division tag, i.e. <div>. Type <div align=“justified”> at the start and </div> at the end of the group of paragraphs
  • After you have followed these simple steps, and have justified the text successfully, go ahead and save your work and upload the updated page on the website

These are some simple steps that you need to follow if you are keen to know how to justify text on HTML and enhance the appearance and intelligibility of your website.

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