How to Justify Text

Microsoft Word with its software program offers varied styles of text alignment. The usual default setting being the text left justified, which means that the entire text is properly aligned on the left side of the document. However, there are times when you intend to align the text differently from the usual default setting to serve your personal or business purpose. A proper alignment of a text is necessary to enhance its readability factor, and for that, you must know the ways of how to justify text.

Now, what exactly does the word justified text mean? Justified text is a paragraph wherein all the words in all the lines of the document are spaced-out in such a way that the first word aligns perfectly with the left margin and last word with the right margin. The pattern has been used mostly in magazines, newspapers and books, but has not been a preferred one when it comes to writing letters or other identical forms of personal communication.

Follow these easy steps if you want to learn how to justify a text:

  • Create a new Word document or open an existing one
  • Select the text that you intend to justify by highlighting it with the help of your computer mouse
  • Once selected, go ahead and choose the type of alignment (right, center, justify) found on the standard toolbar
  • Click the selected alignment with the computer mouse. It’s always advisable to justify a text, for it aligns equally the text on both left and right side of the document

You can justify text as per your requirement by following the aforementioned instructions. However, before you get your head down and start aligning, here is a simple trick. Prior to typing, you can align the entire text by completing steps 3 and 4.

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