How to Lecture

Lecture is an organized speech, covering a special topic using notes, diagrams, power point presentations, etc. It is an introduction of a particular topic to a group of students or listeners. To become a proficient lecturer you need to know how to lecture.

If you have to give a lecture to a group of students, you need to prepare yourself first. You need to be thorough with your topics, jot down some points, make some power point presentations, charts, etc. All these will help you to present a lecture that will get attention from the students or listeners and will be understood better.

To know how to lecture follow the instructions given below:

Analyze your listeners:

  • You cannot deliver a similar kind of lecture to all your listeners or students. You have to segregate your listeners.
  • You need to have a different approach to school kids, college students, or a group of professionals.
  • Segregate your listeners, based on age-group, choice of subject or profession.

Pre – Lecture preparation:

  • You need to have thorough knowledge of the topic you are going to speak on.
  • Do not follow the approach of reading lines from text book and explaining it. Lecture does not mean reading out a text book.
  • You need to refer to the books related to that particular topic, articles, surf the internet along with the text book.
  • Jot down points from all these and make some unique notes that will help your listeners.

Audio-Visual Cues:

  • Lecture tends to get boring if just one person speaks on continuously. To make your lecture interesting, make power point presentations, add video clips, ads, etc.
  • This not only makes your lecture interesting, but also easier for your listeners, and helps them understand better.


  • Use the language that you and your listeners are most comfortable with.
  • Have a clear communication. Use simple language and avoid using fancy words or words that your listeners will have to search through the dictionary.


  • One-way communication is definitely not the key to a successful lecture.
  • In a lecture try to get your listeners involved with you. Two-way communications makes the lecture interesting and your listeners as well as you get to learn more, as there is sharing of information from both ways.

Venue and Equipment check:

  • It is essential to check out the venue and equipments you would use while speaking in front of a group of listeners.
  • Check out the seating arrangement for the listeners, the space that you have to utilize while giving a lecture, etc.
  • Check the projectors, laptop/computer, microphones, etc. This is very important because, if any of these equipments breaks down during the lecture, it would disturb the entire lecture.
  • Also, if you have some important audio-visual presentation that is essential for your lecture, and it does not play due to bad equipment, it will be difficult for you to make your listeners understand what you wish to convey with the help of the presentation.
  • Make sure that you have stationary stock with you like notepads and pens. Sometimes your listeners might need it and you can help them out.
  • Another important thing that you need to carry is laser light pen, while pointing to a certain point in a diagram or presentation. Pointing with your finger is not considered to be a good habit.
  • In case if you have a quiz planned, or a case study, make sure that you have enough copies of it to distribute it among your listeners.

Question and Answer:

  • A lecture never ends when you feel that you have conveyed everything that you wanted to. It ends when all the doubts of your listeners are clarified.
  • A Q&A round at the end of your lecture is a must, so that your listeners can get their doubts clarified.
  • A Q&A round will also help you analyze how useful your lecture has been to the listeners.


  • A feedback from your listeners will help you improvise and analyze your lecture.

These instructions/tips mentioned above will help you give a lecture that will be beneficial to your listeners. One last important thing is ‘CONFIDENCE’. Speak with confidence; do not get nervous while speaking in front of your listeners. Practice and Preparation will help you get rid of your nervousness.

Next time you have to prepare for a lecture, use the instructions mentioned above and get praised for your lecture skills by your listeners.

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