How to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is useful in a lot of ways. A presentation has to be a good start and have a good introduction to any new idea or a product. When you start to do a presentation, you would have put in a lot of ideas and a lot of effort into the file. You would want to safeguard your creation and keep it off unwanted usage. So how to lock a PowerPoint presentation?

Locking your presentation means locking it from other users or unwanted users. You have to be careful and cautious when locking the presentation and remember the password for further reference. Thus let us look at how to lock a presentation.

After creating a presentation, you have to save it and open the presentation again.


Click File and select Save as

A window opens

Click Tools from the right side bottom of the window

Select General Options

A window opens

How to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation

Type your password in Password to open and Password to modify.

These Passwords can be different from each other

Click OK

Another window opens

Reenter the Password to open

Click OK

Reenter Password to edit

Click Save

How to Lock a PowerPoint Presentation

Now you have modified the document in a way that only you can edit or open it. This will enable you to safeguard your document from unwanted usages and editions.

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