How to Make a Poster Presentation

For a poster presentation, you have to present the idea, the process and the anticipated response and the result of that poster.

So, how to make a poster presentation? How to present the idea and the content in a non-boring way?

When you make a poster, there are many things you consider. You need to keep in mind the message you want to convey or the data you want to portray.

When we say poster, we immediately think of posters of movie stars and pop icons. We sure can take some inspiration from those posters.

  • Place the main content in the center
  • Include graphics and design to your poster but do not over shadow the content
  • Arrange the poster to make it look appealing
  • Do not cram the content together in a single place
  • Pick a background that will suit the content

Arranging the poster for presentation

When you present a poster, prepare a presentation that explains the content of the poster segment-wise.

The idea

Start the presentation by introducing the idea of the poster. Inform the audience about the nature of the information and the importance of it.


  • Now explain the design of the poster. Do it in a way the audience understands.
  • Do not use technical terms when the audience is not technically sound.
  • Acknowledge anyone who was involved in the designing process.

The content

  • Content should be precise and to the point.
  • Do not explain anything in detail. Give a gist, but do not be so brief that the message does not get conveyed to the audience.
  • Explain the visuals that you have used. You might have included a visual to convey a message, explain that to the audience.

Explain in segments

Now start to explain the content in segments. Divide the content and explain each in a different slide.

For example:

When the poster is about an entertainment program in your office and you want people to buy tickets for the show:

The segments will be:

Details about the program

Explain the program’s nature, the money spent and the reason behind it.


State the price of the tickets and the reason why they are being issued. Inform the audience from whom the tickets can be got.

Mention the venue.

Now for the conclusion. Thank the audience for listening and give some time for an interactive session.

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