How to Make a Present

Everyone likes to receive presents. No matter what the presents are, everyone appreciates the gesture. Therefore, we give presents and like to receive them. Now how to make a present? And how to customize them according to your loved one’s needs?

There are many different ways by which we all think of giving presents. A homemade, handmade present is sure to strike the right chord.

Here are some following examples to give a handmade present:
How to Make a Present
A sapling: a sapling is a sure-shot impresser. It’s lively and very useful.

Examples of saplings:

  • Aloe vera sapling
  • Rose sapling

You can also give some seeds to plant.

Handmade necklace: you can make a handmade necklace with a flexible wire or a silky thread.


  • Same colored or different colored beads
  • Thin thread
  • Strong thin wire or silky thread or a ribbon


  • Insert the thin thread to a needle and insert beads, one by one
  • Make small bead circles
  • Now insert them into the strong thin wire or silky thread or a ribbon
  • Tie the strong thin wire or silky thread or a ribbon around the beads circles

You have a necklace

Sew something: if you are good at sewing or knitting, sew something or knit a shawl or a sweater.

Example of gifts:

  • Sweater
  • Scarf
  • Woolen cap
  • A hanky with embroidery
  • You can buy a shirt or a scarf and embroidery on it

Write a coupon book: Write coupons for many fun stuff that you two a can do together. For example, coupons for ‘lunch on you’.

A collection of their photos: if you are a close friend or family, you can give them a photo album of few cherished memories.

Paint something: if you are good at painting, then paint something for them.

Treasure chest: decorate a box with beads and glitter. This will make a great present.

Homemade beauty products: if you have aloe vera plant in your home, there are a variety of beauty products that you can make using aloe vera.

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