How to Make a Video Presentation

Video presentations enable us to use motion and sound together to give a lively presentation. Although, this type of presentation cannot be used every time you need to present something, it can be used to give a presentation about a product, a scheme, a plan or a program. Video presentation gives you scope to give the audience a very clear idea sans the formal presentation scenario. So how to make a video presentation?

Video presentations are useful to give an enormous amount of information in a very short duration of time. Therefore, they can be used to convey an information crisply and clearly. Some information can be shown to the audience as a footage rather than just talking about it or showing slides. A video presentation can vary in duration from 1 hour to 5 hours, depending on the amount of information. Therefore plan accordingly and sort your presentation aptly.

Just like a PowerPoint presentation or a poster presentation, a video presentation can also be segregated into parts for better understanding.

Let us take an example of ‘a video presentation to introduce a charity program in an organization’.

  • Introduce yourself. If you are the narrator, then give a short introduction about yourself. If there are more than one narrators, then introduce both of them.
  • In the beginning, inform the audience about the catch line. Come straight to the point. In this case, give a crisp explanation about the motive of your program.
  • Go ahead to introduce them to the program.
  • Sort the program and its features into topics and give a brief explanation about them.
  • This is a video presentation, therefore you can make a video of the progress this program has done to improve the world. Have a narration along with this video, which will enable the audience to understand the features well.
  • Establish your program. Help the audience understand your program. You can do this by taking interviews of people who have benefited from this program.
  • Explain how the audience will be benefitted by the program.
  • Explain the options and features in detail.
  • Give them reasons to consider the program. Show footages of how the program works and is helping the audience reach the needy.
  • In conclusion, explain each feature in brief. Help the audience understand each feature better. Encourage the audience to ask questions.
  • Flash the program’s logo on the screen and finish the presentation.

Although a video presentation seems like an easy task, you have to be aware of the technicalities and the software involved completing the presentation. You can do it yourself or get an expert’s help. The usual process would involve, shooting, editing and presenting.

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