How to Make an Outline for a Presentation

To make an outline of a presentation, you have to prepare a gist and contents of your presentation. Once you have the contents in place, you can start to place them in the order that you want to present.

The outline of the presentation determines the duration, flow and the intensity of the presentation. Therefore, take care to rehearse all these aspects.

The usual format of any presentation will be an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction part of the presentation enables you to establish yourself and the presentation. Therefore, plan the introduction in parts.

Write the parts of the introduction

  • Keep the introduction short and crisp. Do not reveal too much, but take care to include the necessary key points. The introduction plays an important role in a presentation. Keep the introduction fairly simple.
  • Include an introduction for yourself, but do not extend it to more than just an introduction.
  • With respect to the introduction the presentation, note down the key points.
  • Write down the key points of the body
  • Include any supporting points that may aid you in your explanations. These points should be kept aside in a separate topic. You can include them if required later
  • Keep the visuals, if any, ready to be included
  • Mark the visuals or code them according to the place where they would come in the presentation
  • Mark out the timing of each topic and calculate them simultaneously to ease the time management process
  • Time management is very crucial and you should be aware and alert of the time that every topic will take. Make sure you do not add additional data if the time consumed by the presentation is too high and make sure you reduce or merge few topics if the time consumed by the presentation is too high.
  • Sort the conclusion and segregate it to the parts required to conclude. The conclusion should be precise and short. Remind the audience the key points discussed in the body.
  • For example, you may conclude and encourage the audience to ask questions.

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