How to Make Chocolates

How to Make Chocolates

How to Make Chocolates

It is not girls or ladies only who are fonder of and like to enjoy as well as get lost in the sweet taste of chocolates, but even boys and men, who equally savor in the chocolate delicacies. The mere name of a bar of chocolate in fact is enough to bring water to the mouths of many people as well as it creates a desire in them instantly, to get a bar of chocolate and enjoy it with both hands. Now, if we are to ponder on the fact as to why chocolates are so much loved by most of people, irrespective of their age as well as gender, one answer to it can be the fact that chocolates are comprised of tryptophan, a chemical found in the brain of people, that is known to produce the neurotransmitter by the name of serotonin, which in turn makes us experience the feelings of elation, joy or happiness. Besides, chocolates are also known to comprise of opioids that are also found in opium, which has been revealed after a thorough research to do away with feelings of pain and bring about a feeling of well-being in us after we consume it. Hence, it goes without saying that most of the people who constantly have a bar of chocolate almost every day have a production of natural levels of opiates in their brains after the consumption of a bar of chocolate and it brings about a feeling of calmness or peace in them as well as makes them feel good about themselves. Again, it is also an accepted fact as mentioned before that it is mostly girls or ladies who generally like to be lost in the taste of a bar of chocolate, the reason for it can be traced to the fact that women find it synonymous to love and romance. This explains the fact that at the moment of having and even after it, especially girls or ladies deep down experience feelings of being cared for, loved as well as pampered by the one gifting them the bar of chocolate. With the easy access to chocolates at nearby shops, most of us have never really bothered on knowing how to make chocolates at home; however, if you are among those people who want to discover the key to doing so, we are here laying down, a very simple recipe for making chocolates at the comfort of your home.

Almost all children enjoy and love it, whenever their mother prepares some dish that they like at home. It is not just with kids, but even grownups equally love to eat some dish prepared at home. This is because of the fact that, any food prepared at home, apart from satisfying our taste buds, also contributes to our health more than food prepared outside, due to its factor of being extremely hygienic as well as safe and carries with it a guarantee of giving the right amount of nutrition to us, unlike the food we have outside, that we merely have for the sake of satisfying our taste buds or to fill ourselves up and the hygienic factor of which we are not sure of.

Let us now concentrate on how to make chocolates at home in the form of this simple recipe.

Ingredients required for making the recipe:

  • A cup of water
  • Half a cup of sugar
  • One fourth cup of powdered sugar
  • One fourth teaspoon of flour which is plain
  • Three fourth cup of butter
  • Two cups of cocoa powder
  • Two third cup of milk


  • First and foremost, both the butter as well as the cocoa has to be mixed properly and made into a paste and for this it has to be done in a processor.
  • A pan has to be filled about one fourth of it with water.
  • Next, a bowl needs to be placed over the water in the pan.
  • The chocolate paste made by mixing the butter as well as the cocoa in the processor has to be placed in the bowl and made to be heated till it becomes hot.
  • Then this new hot mixture needs to be put back in the processor once again and allowed to mix properly until it becomes smooth enough.
  • The milk has to be brought to room temperature.
  • Next, flour of the quantity of one fourth of a teaspoon, sugar as well as milk needs to be added to the paste and again made to mix properly by putting it in the processor.
  • This new mixture has to be poured into molds and made to sit in the fridge till such time as they become hard enough.
  • Now, one can go all out and take the pieces and eat them to one’s heartfelt desire, since there is nothing stopping one from eating something as healthy and tasty as a bar of chocolate and that too made at home.

With this easy-to-make recipe of chocolate, by now, you must be full of plans on how to make chocolates as well as surprise everybody with your culinary abilities and make them ask you for more of the making of one of the most liked foods of all times.

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