How to Make LSD

How to make lsd-25 at home?
This is the question we have tried to answer in this article.

LSD, short for Lysergic acid diethylamide, is one of the biggest influences of the 60’s Cultural Revolution. Most of the music of the 60’s was created under the influence of LSD. It ushered in an era of ‘spiritual awakening’ and helped create a sense of freedom and utopia. LSD was first created by Albert Hoffman, who discovered its psychedelic after accidentally absorbing a small amount through his fingertips in the laboratory.

Although the effects of the trip vary from person to person, more often than not LSD brings about a change in consciousness causing beautiful hallucinations, with open and closed eyes. It also brings along an unusual sense of peace and calm and a feeling of total freedom a loss of sense of ego and sometimes a sense of oneness with the universe. Time dilation is and an inspired sense of creativity is also commonly observed.

how to make lsd

Now let’s take a look at how we can make LSD or “wonder drug” at home. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Morning glory or Hawaiian wood rose seeds
  • Petroleum ether
  • Filter screen
  • Wood alcohol

First grind up about 300 grams of morning glory or baby Hawaiian wood rose seeds. You can order these seeds easily online. Now take about 250cc of petroleum ether and soak the seeds in it for about two days. After a couple of days use the filter and screen out the seeds. Throw away the left over petroleum ether. Let the seed mush dry. Take about 225cc of wood alcohol and soak the seeds mush in it for another two days. Filter this solution and keep the liquid for future use. Once again soak the mush in unused 225cc of wood alcohol. After about a couple of days filter the solution again. This time you can throw away the leftover mush. Now add the wood alcohol to the first batch of wood alcohol. Leave it alone to evaporate. You might want to use a wider container to speed up the process. Once all the wood alcohol has evaporated a yellow gum should be leftover. Scrape out this yellow gum very carefully and store it in capsules. 30 grams of morning glory seeds or 15 Hawaiian wood rose seeds should suffice for a single trip. Congratulations!! Enjoy your trip.

Related Information:

LSD looses potency quickly when exposed to sunlight or humid conditions, so store in a safe dark dry place.

The human body develops resistance to LSD very quickly, so if you take a pill today, you would need twice that quantity for a similar effect the very next day.

The good news is the human body also looses resistance to LSD quickly so you should enjoy a similar high within a week.

Always make sure you are in a safe happy environment and with a couple of friends, since LSD is such a powerful hallucinogenic agent you don’t want to have a bad trip.

LSD is not considered addictive or toxic by the medical community unlike alcohol or tobacco although your sense of judgment might be completely messed up, so be careful.

The threshold or the maximum effective quantity of LSD is about 20mg, it means having more than 20mg wont get you any higher.

LSD is illegal in most countries, so it’s not recommended to get high on the streets and run around naked.

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20 Responses to “How to Make LSD”

  1. shake away diet says:

    Can I order a supply one or two months in advance?

  2. juan says:

    so where do we get the petroleum ether?

    and is this the same as the LSD-25 which is derived from ergot or just the same in psychedelic nature yet not LSD?

  3. ravr89 says:

    how would i get the ingredent online?

  4. abd says:

    Morning glory and HBWR contain LSA, not LSD.

  5. Jerry Garcia says:

    Typically you will find LSA on the streets. If someone tells you its LSD there is 70% chance its LSA. Unless you know a professional chemist, then your LSD is useless stuff.

  6. Seed Eater says:

    This yields LSA, not LSD. The formula to yield LSD is much more extensive and is a very difficult and painstaking process. LSA trips are also MUCH different than LSD trips, so if using this method to gain LSA, be cautious, as the two have markedly different efftects on the mind.

    Believe me, I’ve tried both.

  7. The Messiah says:

    This stuff won’t work until you acquire the proper chemicals to convert LSA into LSD, and trust me, that is no easy task. It cost me six months and $1000 to get enough to make 20mg of LSD, approximately 100 standard dosages.

  8. James says:

    So this method intensifies the LSA trip or wat? Cuz my friend and I made an atempt to make LSD once and also found it to be very expensive and dificult. Yet this is a very common method found on the web..

  9. Michael says:

    Does anyone know where to buy petroleum ether? Or what product contains it?

  10. bordy says:

    for anyone looking for petroleum either and wood alcohol you can find it ar almost any hardware store

  11. Bryan says:

    equivalent for petroleum ether is starting spray. It comes in a spray can, and is made to get hard starting cars to start. It is called “quick start” commonly, and is almost pure petrol ether.

  12. Miles Demro says:

    I concur alongside with your put up. Nevertheless, do you may possibly have any sources I can cite for my paper?

  13. nani says:

    I have been teaching my self organic chemistry. I haven’t slept well, so I can make lsd_25 ive never tried it the matters seem simple even makeing compounds easy this methods seems so easy and effortless but I dont wanna kill myself!! cause of not knowing the potency so I wanna try to cook it but then I might blow up everything including myself so….. ughk ahhem i’ll pull it off eventually I mean how hard could it be boom lol so I wonder if by take this yellow puddy and makeing choloriform and dilouting it.with heat could make the cristal w this breaking it to a liquid form

  14. jordan says:

    this shit is awesome i made it three days ago and it was fucking awesome

  15. Mad Scientist says:

    @seed eater:

    It is the LSA in LSD that gives it the desired psychotropic effects! There are many reasons for your “different trips”…and they are not ALL due to factors of chemistry! A person can get trip sheets and trip on Monday, and Tuesday from the same sheet, but have very different trips! Also…I have noticed most bad trips result from a change in surroundings! A trip that starts indoors should STAY indoors, and one that starts outdoors, should remain outdoors (and should be fairly secluded and isolated from dangers such as cars, machinery, and people that you don’t k ow)!

  16. Judderman says:

    Do you have to use wood alcohol? ive just been readin how toxic it is, could i use ethanol instead?


  17. editor says:


    Actually ethanol and methanol may sound similar, but they’re way different from each other. Ethanol is made using sugar cane and corn, whereas Methanol is derived from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas etc). So, yeah the answer is no, you cannot substitute methanol with ethanol. And here’s another page that might interest you –

  18. editor says:


    The experiences that you stated above is quite subjective my friend. Indoors gone outdoors, and outdoors gone indoors, didn’t bother my trip at all. In simple words, you can’t define or rather reduce the trip to something definite or closed…. Cheers!

  19. eliskcage says:

    like the way no one answered my man at the top, is this guide making lsd or lsa? Come on then how the hell do you make lsd??????????

  20. editor says:

    Hey, yeah the process yields you lsa, don’t bother trying to make lsd, coz it’s an extremely painstaking process you know. It would be easier and cheaper for you find someone who sells it.. ;)

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