How to Make New Friends

How to Make New Friends

How to Make New Friends

Being social animals, we human beings desire the company of other individuals, without which it will become utterly impossible for us to lead our lives on the earth. In the process of forming relationships with somebody, apart from the fact that we forget our own problems and sadness, we also get to know a few new things about life from that other person that adds on to our knowledge regarding life as well as the world around us. As human beings, we constantly have to carry on with the process of getting to know newer and newer individuals with whom we can share all our joys and sorrows as well as grow up as humans. Being able to adjust as well as get along with more and more persons also point out the fact that we are more accepting as humans. Besides, in the modern day world, it has become all the more essential to broaden our circle of friends as having a bigger circle of friends or rather more number of people whom we are acquainted with, also means that we are people who are easier to get along with and this is seen as a big factor, in our evaluation in the professional and social arena of our lives. The more friends we have, the more are the chances of making even newer ones. It is considered as nothing less than an art in discovering how to make new friends. But fret not, if you are someone, who is not well acquainted with this art form, because there are some tried and tested measures to aid you in figuring out how to make new friends.

We face this problem especially while we are looking for beginning a relationship with that special heart throb of ours, or when we enter a completely new place where we have not been before, that is, either while attending a new college, office or school, where we are amidst people whom we are meeting for the very first time. In such a situation, it can be extremely awkward and unpleasant on our part to go ahead and start a conversation with new people, not to talk of making friendships with them. However, it all boils down to how much are we willing to make an attempt to at least give a try at it. Once we decide to move forward and go all out to mingle with even the new people, we would know in no time that at the end of the day, even they are human, and it is not very difficult to befriend them. By abiding by the following guidelines, you can well discover how to make new friends in no time.

  • Listen to what others have to say: Everyone on this earth likes to be listened to carefully at the time when they are conversing, so that they can express their feelings and thoughts without much difficulty. If one is properly paying heed to what the other people are talking to them about, then it makes the other individual feel appreciated as well and that whatever they are talking about has value in the eyes of the listener. In this manner, the conversation between the speaker and the listener is bound to go well in most of the cases, and this is a way, by which you can go ahead and ask for the person’s email id as well as phone number, if possible, and proceed forward in the new relationship.
  • Know how to compliment other people whom you meet: It is known by one and all that everyone loves to get a compliment from others. It boosts their ego; but always bear in mind that when you are complimenting somebody, be as genuine and honest as possible. Even if you are praising something small regarding the individual, it will be appreciated by him or her and who knows you might even receive a compliment in return for your words.
  • Staying away from technology for a while: There are many a times when we are so hooked on to our gadgets that we are hardly aware of all the things happening around us. Even if for a while, stay away from continuously checking out your mailbox, both email as well as voice mail and also the text messages which prevents us from being aware of who is thinking what about us. By having a look around, you can figure out who all are the people around you, with whom you have never conversed with before and make attempts to go up to them as well as speak to them. At the same time, you can also find out who all do you share a good chemistry with. You can make attempts to converse with these people directly for the very first time.
  • images (1)Become part of a club, a group or a team and bond together: Apart from giving you an enjoyable time together with other like minded people of your age and making you feel part of the group, actively taking part in group activities, also makes you bond with other people, while instilling in you the skills of problem solving. By doing do, you will discover a circle of friends within no time and find a new meaning in your life altogether.
  • Try to get into some volunteering work: Apart from the fact that the job of volunteering is liked by many people, in the process of looking out for a date or a partner in love, it is also something that is well appreciated in the aspect of being part of the college activities or any other scholarship programs. Moreover, in the process of volunteering for some activity or the other in some place, be it in the activities of a church near your place, taking part in the community activities or the school activities, you will also come to meet many new people and be able to work together for a common goal.
  • Try to get hold of a job: Another great way in discovering how to make new friends is to get hold of a job, wherein there are chances of coming across people of your age group. For this, even a part time job would be of great help, where you can find out the various ways of meeting new people as well as working together for some common goal. This can be a great start in discovering a way to bond with other like-minded people of your age.
  • Study together with others from the class: If there are instances where you find that there is a certain subject teacher who explains the subject in a rather hard-to-understand manner, then one good way to kill two birds with one stone is to assemble a few classmates who feel the same way and begin to study together with them once a week. In this way, you can also figure out a great way to bond together with other people of your age, even outside the domain of the classroom.
  • Know how to amuse others: A smile can go all out in making the other individual comfortable. It can open the doors for both of you to speak to each other and in this way; a conversation can be kicked off. On the contrary, someone who does not have a smile on his or her face appears to be unapproachable in the eyes of others.

If you are planning to broaden the circle of your friends and relationships, then you have to come out of your comfort zone and try to mingle with other people, since that is what matters in taking the first step. Soon, you will find out that you can advice others of your age on how to make new friends having discovered the key yourself.

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